Street food guide to Barakhamba Lane
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Street food guide to Barakhamba Lane

The perfect and only street food guide to Barakhamba Lane you’ll need!

Street food guide to Barakhamba Lane

New Delhi: Here is a street food guide just for you! Let free the food lover in you and try out this list of variety of food items available in Barakhamba Lane.

1. Chhole Kulche at Shyam Sundar

You can try this amazing Chhole Kulche from Shyam Sundar in Barakhamba Lane and you will definitely fall in love with the spicy tangy taste. Other variations of Chhole Kulche simply can't beat the flavor that this street store has to offer.

Tips: Don't forget to ask for that extra Chhole garnished with onion and lemon on it to give your taste bud a tang.

Price: Rs 20 to 30

Timings: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

2. Kachori at Gupta Eating Corner

You won’t get enough of Chhole Bhature or Rajma Chawal from Gupta Eating Corner. It's an old shop running from the 1980s and has been passed on to the new generation. You will have teary eyes and runny nose all the while you enjoy the spicy treat from this shop. They have a variety of street foods in their stall. So just take a day out to go and eat there and you are set!

Tips: Ask for the special "Green Chutney" on top of your Kachori for an enhanced flavour.

Price: Rs 30 to 50

Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

3.  Fruit Chaat at Laxmi

A lady named Laxmi from Jhansi sits in the Barakhamba Lane and sells fruits and makes delicious fruit chaat. She has been doing this for 20 years! And the best part is that this is health plus taste at its max. Go and try her fruit chaat and we assure you won’t be disappointed.

Tips: Ask for more strawberry and kiwi sprinkled with chat masala on it.

Price: Rs 30 to 40

Timings: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

4. Golgappe at Vishal Chaat Bhandar

Now who doesn’t just love Golgappe. If you come to Barakhamba Lane and crave for some mouth watering Golgappe, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can have some delicious Golgappe/ Dahi Bhalle/Papdi Chaat at Vishal Chaat Bhandar. The stall is almost 10 years old and stands at the very beginning of the Barakhamba Lane.

Tips: Try Suji Bread with Paneer filling and Green Chutney.

Price: Rs 20 to 30

Timings: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

5. Bhagwan Das Sweets

The dessert lovers will love this sweet savoury. The stall has been there for 35 years and they have got everything, from Dhokla to Gajar Ka  Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Khandvi, Kheer to Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla.

Tips: Don’t forget to try their Faluda.

Price: Rs 20 to 50

Timings: 7:00 am to 7:30 pm

Now that you have the list of the best street foods available in Barakhamba Lane, when are you up to take a day out to explore this street and try this amazing food!