Salma Bano – An embroider empowering women
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Salma Bano – An embroider empowering women

Salma Bano, a lady from Farukhabad is empowering women with embroidery

Salma Bano – An embroider empowering women

New Delhi: India has been blessed with a vibrant and rich history of art and craft. In this era of modernisation, Salma Bano, a lady from Farukhabad, Uttar Pradesh chose to keep the traditional art alive through the art she inherited from her mother.

Salma's abbu (father) and her grandfather were into designing blocks of Sheesham wood for block printing. Salma says she has grown with art among artists, learned the art of sewing, knitting, and weaving from her mother, who always wanted to start something of her own for taking forward the art of embroidery.

Embroider Salma Bano

How did it start?

Salma Bano took the responsibility of her mother's dream and started creating her own designs while she was a young teenager. Salma recalled that her first work of embroidery was on a bedsheet in the year of 1995. Her brother Sunny noticed and appreciated her work and asked her to make a particular customised design, which turned out to be her second embroidery piece.

Gradually over the period of time, Salma kept refining her art and her designs. She mentions that art is a blessing from Allah and like daily prayers, it needs to be practiced everyday.

In 1998, Salma took a loan of Rs 15,000 to start her own venture as an entrepreneur. She started all by herself with just a few t-shirts, colorful threads, needles of different sizes, and a sewing machine. On being asked how being a woman she managed to gather the courage to start her own venture, she said, “I wanted to show the world what art my hands hold and keep the culture and tradition of India alive, I do what I know with all my heart.”

Embroidery Work On T-Shirt


Salma Bano's embroidery made her an entrepreneur and atmanirbhar (self reliant), and in the year of 2000, she started generating employment for the women from rural areas. Salma has given employment to 15 women till now.

She is the woman behind the creative and customised patch work designs on clothes being sold at People Tree, in Connaught Place, near Regal building. Since the past two decades, she has been designing for the orders that she receives for her work from different firms.

Salma started exhibiting her work in 2013, and recently had put her stall at Hunar Haat 2021, which was held in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium showcasing her embroidery.

Salma is one such lady who is building her identity and helping the women from her village develop their individual identities. She said that she wants to teach and train the art of embroidery so that the tradition is kept alive, her goal is to empower the women and keep the legacy of handcrafted art alive in the young generations.

Salma said she wants to set an example for all the women who want to be self reliant, and that girls can fulfill their mother's dream like sons fulfill their father's dream.

Patch Work By Salma Bano