Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 14 - March 20
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Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 14 - March 20

Here’s what you need to know about next week

Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 14 - March 20

The week starts with the sun transiting house 12 of Pisces, the twelfth zodiac, and under the after-amavasya influence. Amavasya is a new moon representing new beginnings which sets the tone for the upcoming next 10 days. This month it happens in the sign of Aquarius on 13 March, under the debilitated Jupiter influence. 

Debilitated Jupiter motivates you to have faith and practice trust. Things and events happen in your favour but in their due time. Good time to seek blessings through prayers and donate food to temples of other faiths. 


The week starts with the moon in Pisces giving you conducive time to self-reflect and ruminate upon what you have been yearning for. Good time to replenish one’s mind. Positive changes take place for you by the end of the week. Thinking of past events won't affect you if you practice to not let it, you are divinely strengthened and protected. 

Pay attention to expenditures. Investments are a better way of spending money than just spending on unnecessary stuff. Prioritise your spendings, at times it is equally good to nurture yourself and invest money in yourself. Using your discretion wisely is supported. Learn to rest your mind and practice patience.


Your week starts with monetary gains and happiness in your mind. A secret wish is fulfilled. Travel and fresh starts are the themes of this week. You will be appreciated and some growth is seen in your work situation. The end of the week is full of energy, just be wary of small cuts and bruises. Do not over-exercise.


Your week starts with your focus on the workplace, monetary gains, and wish fulfillment. You are yearning for a rise in your status. Travel for work opportunities is seen. Your enemies are defeated and you get investments you were seeking which keep you happy and comfortable. Your situation will improve gradually.


Prayers will work for you. It is the way your situation will improve and keeps you calm and in control. The mind is everything. If you learn to control your negative emotions, you will master your situation. Avoid unnecessary fights with your partner. Your relationship will improve. Worship Shiva-Parvati for relationship blessings, good marital life. Gains are seen by the end of the week.


Foreign, long-distance travel, work, plans, and policies are the theme for leos this week. There is opposition at work, but you would need to put your point in a strong yet soft manner. Learn the art of negotiation. With your Lagna house lord in house 8, conflicts are there for Leos but if you act cleverly nothing will harm you. 

Your boss may not appreciate your hard work, sometimes it’s a thanklessness of people which helps you to move ahead in life. It’s a good time to switch jobs and not hang onto your current situation. Alternatively, you will work harder and get into productions and manufacturing or research part of your work.


You are divinely forced to practice courage. Do not let your fear drive your decisions. You will practice cleverness and slyness to achieve your goals. Thoughts of change of place, change of office, or transfer will hover on your mind during mid-week. 

Travel with family and friends is on the cards. Learn to enjoy and live in the present. Learn to surrender and let things work for you. Take care of your health.


There are sure shot gains seen for libra this week. Gains through a job or from home. If you were seeking that home loan, the time is in your favour. Victory in legal cases, though you will need to be wary of financial frauds. 

Pay attention to minute details and read documents before signing. Do not let others use your name to get money. Alternatively, people will ask you to lend money.


The week starts with a happy note. Avoid ego tussles or fight with your spouse or business partners. Avoid stress during mid-week when the moon is in Ashwini nakshatra of Ketu or Aries zodiac. Usually, it happens a day before when the moon is about to transit, but has not really entered the sign. The overall week is about practicing detachment and disciplined pleasures. Monetary gains are seen for people in the business.


You desire to get your home beautified this week. Renovations, home decor sneaks into your agenda. Travel for pleasure, investments, and expenditures for happiness pursuits are seen. Learn not to overreact, watch out for over expenditure and invest wisely. Keep the credit card under a locker. 


Your speeches and speaking may impress people at work. Yet, they can’t fathom your intentions and desires for that reason. You may have a strong urge to buy a car or spend it on a trip. Gains are there but happen by the end of the week. 

You would need to work on yourself and avoid guilty pleasures. Ego runs on your mind, you desperately want to win a fight. Don’t act rash, and learn to let things go. Let others do what they want if it is not directly harming you. 


Stop your ego to show up, it won’t pacify your conspiratorial streak of mind. Your positivity, your sense of focus will help you advance your career this week. Your focus this week would be wealth accumulation and building investments. Good time to study and pursue research or writings. Good time for Communication professionals, media writings, and putting your research papers. 


Promotion is on the cards for people who are in a job situation. Secret wish-fulfillment is inevitable. Soul satisfaction will germinate this week. You may assume a leadership role at the workplace this week. Gains through siblings are seen. Your work will require more research than ever. Practice diligence and meditation for health benefits and income gains.