Meet the man who created Dahi Ke Sholay
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Meet the man who created Dahi Ke Sholay

This dish is made with hung curd and bread

Meet the man who created Dahi Ke Sholay

New Delhi: Experimenting with food is an art. Deepak Sharma, the creator of Dahi Ke Sholay (Curd bread rolls) is a living example of this statement. People must be familiar with potato stuffed bread rolls, but here's a twist to the taste brought by Chef Deepak Sharma. This dish is made with hung curd and bread.

Father of Deepak Sharma, Ram Sharan Sharma used to sell snack items like bread pakora and moong dal pakora earlier. The shop is located at the extreme corner of the INA market. This outlet, which has been in business for over a decade, rose to prominence when the owner's son, Deepak, launched a new snack dish called “Dahi ke Sholay.”

Ram Sharan Sharma has always been into catering food. Deepak shares that during his school days, his father and mother Asha Sharma catered food at the same school where he studied. He added that he is a pass out from the Central School at INA, Delhi.

He says that he learnt a lot about food since childhood, and wanted to build his career in the food industry. Deepak completed his hotel management from KC College in Navashahr, Punjab. He worked at many renowned hotels like Radisson Blu hotel, Mahipalpur and Barbeque Nations. He
added that he travelled to countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to work, explore and to learn. Deepak said, “The zeal to learn makes people successful.”

How was Dahi Ke Sholay Invented?

Cheese and Dahi Ke Sholay

Deepak wanted to experiment with leftover curd and bread slices one fine day, and the dish turned out delicious in texture and flavour. Later, he persuaded his father to introduce this experimental dish 'Dahi ke Sholay', and it became an instant success.

The chef shared that he got inspiration from Dahi Ke Kabab. He experimented with the filling and gave it his own twist to invent this whole new dish. “I wanted to give my creation an iconic name that people can remember always,” said Sharma.

The dish's simplicity, both in terms of taste and in terms of preparation, is appealing to the taste buds. This version of bread roll is brimming with the flavours of coriander, capsicum, and curd. This snack dish is best eaten with green chutney and tomato sauce. It contains no raw spices. Mother Asha Sharma said that she is proud that her son persuaded hotel management. she said, “My family is breaking stereotypes. Men can also cook and take care of the kitchen well.”

Deepak Sharma with mother Asha Sharma

The shop sells different types of bread rolls apart from the famous Dahi Ke Sholay, some of the hot selling dishes include Cheesy Cheese Ke Sholay, Crispy Spider Roll topped with noodle crunchies, Peppy Paneer Ke Sholay, Afghani Sholay and Hare-Bhare Kabab as well. These dishes ae priced in the range of Rs 20-80. This form of bread rolls can smack your lips with its taste.

Crunchy Spider Roll