How were popsicles invented? Here’s the answer
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How were popsicles invented? Here’s the answer

Know about the interesting history of popsicles

How were popsicles invented? Here’s the answer

New Delhi: What is better than cool popsicles during scorching summer days to keep you refreshed. They come in a variety of flavours and everybody, from children to oldies can enjoy it. Indians have given it their own twist and prepared baraf ka gola or more popularly called chuski.

Having icy popsicles and getting your tongues colored is fun but preparing them is even more amusing. Do you know how it was prepared for the first time?

We all have heard that everything happens for a reason and that includes mistakes as well! The point? You may ask, well, the point is that the first popsicle was designed by fault which has turned into one of the most favourite summer treats for the masses.

You must be stunned to know that the mind behind this great invention was of an 11 years old guy named Frank Epperson from San Francisco, California. Back in the winters of 1905, Frank was preparing a soft drink for himself, where by chance he left sugary water mixed with soda powder outside overnight and a wooden stick in it to stir.

The next morning, Frank found a cup of drink frozen and ran it under hot water. When he got his drink frozen on a wooden stick separated from the cup, the wood became a handle to hold the ice pop, he licked it off and knew something new and creative was there in his hands. This is how a mistake turned into the creation of our favourite Popsicles!

Later, he named it 'eppsicles’ and kept on making these pops for his friends in the neighborhood and schoolmates. When Frank became a father, he offered the same treat to his children, that's when the actual name for these frozen ice treats was decided (popsicles) in 1923  by his children as they always denote it as popsciles.

He filed for a patent for his frozen ice pops invention and after a few years, he sold his patent to Joe Lowe Company. Now the brand name is owned by Unilever.