We invested blood and sweat in making Dada Lakhmi, says Yashpal Sharma
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We invested blood and sweat in making Dada Lakhmi, says Yashpal Sharma

The Bollywood actor quite animatedly talked about his upcoming project

We invested blood and sweat in making Dada Lakhmi, says Yashpal Sharma

New Delhi: Actor Yashpal Sharma, who is best known for his impactful acting in notable movies like Lagaan, Gangaajal, Singh is King and Rowdy Rathore, was welcomed by CitySpidey team on Saturday. He appeared in an interview and a video chat with the CitySpidey editorial team.

Sharma promoted his upcoming Hariyanvi movie ‘Dada Lakhmi’ during the Facebook Live interview. He said that the film is based on Hariyanvi poet Pandit Lakshmi Chand. It is a musical story. The music was composed by Uttam Singh, who is known for his many great musical compositions in movies like Dil To Pagal Hai, Gadar, Dushman etc.

The Bollywood actor quite animatedly talked about his upcoming project. In response to why he decided to do the this film only in Haryanvi first, he mentioned that he wanted to go global to local and it would not be justified if regional stories are not portrayed in regional language.

He continued, “It is very easy to decide in seconds who did well in movies and who was not able to give his best by just viewing the final production but generally hard work behind the whole production does not get due recognition.”

The actor was full of energy as he descibed the project. He said that the film is very close to his heart. He admired the hard work put up by his team in making this film in last five years. It took upto 150 days for creating music and he sold one of his houses for funding the production. He said that he is satisfied with how this film has turned out to be.

Emphasising on the need to show authentic and social content to the audience, he said that he is quite upset with the way abuses, sex are being shown to people on the OTT platforms. He said that they are being offered to the viewers where there is no need of it. It is being deliberately shown to people. Sharma said that there is a dire need to show genuine artistic movies. He continued to say that his movie Dada Lakhmi does not have even a single slap. The movie touches the emotions.

Sharma also said that he opted to choose a child from Rohtak to play Dada Lakhmi’s childhood role  to make the character look real. He said that he was getting suggestions from people to cast his own son for the role but he decided against it. He said that he was convinced that the child from Rohtak would do justice to the role because of his proficiency in the dialect.

The actor was also into theatres before he entered the Bollywood. He said that he never knew that theatre can be a profession for him and he could earn from it. As per him, it was his passion for acting that has brought him this far. He used to play roles of Ram, Laxman and Hanuman in Ramleela shows in his early days. He honed his acting skills by studying at the National School of Drama (NSD).

Patience and practice are two basic mantras for the success, he suggested to all the theatre aspiring artists. He said that never force yourself in acting, it should come naturally from within. He shared that during his struggling days he used to learn scripts of 4-5 different plays and used to perform it while auditioning instead of only submitting his pictures to agencies.

In the end, he added that they are planning to show his movie in 72-seater bus in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. The bus is converted into a small picture hall. People will be notified a day before about the movie. Interested people can buy the tickets and watch the movie.