Delhi-based NGO hopes to save Covid patients with plasma therapy again


Delhi-based NGO hopes to save Covid patients with plasma therapy again

It has also improved the capacity of an individual to recuperate from the illness

Delhi-based NGO hopes to save Covid patients with plasma therapy again

New Delhi: Plasma therapy uses the blood of a recuperated patient to make antibodies in infected patients. The blood is used to treat those with serious SARS-CoV-2 disease. It has also shown positive results. It has also improved the capacity of an individual to recuperate from the illness.

An NGO named Centre of Welfare and Environment (COWE), Ashok Vihar, started a campaign in June 2020, “Need Plasma or You want to Donate Plasma” when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak.

Founder and Vice-President of COWE, Devender Kumar said, “Initially, we were not aware of plasma therapy. Later, we talked to the doctor and asked about the plasma therapy. Then we worked on plasma therapy and started a campaign in June 2020. Till now, we donated more than 800 plasma to the infected people.”

“We all work for humanity and we don't need any single penny from anyone. And every day, I have received hundreds of calls, who were infected and needed plasma for their treatment. But there are lesser people who want to donate to people,” he added

President of COWE, Saurabh Dhingra said, “Most of us are working people and during the time of Covid-19, we thought about how to help infected people. In June, when Covid was at its peak and the need for plasma was very high, our team members took a list of people who were cured from the coronavirus and we called them and tried to convince them to donate plasma.”

“Most of them refused because they thought that they will lose their antibodies but we tried to convince them that donating plasma is a good cause and after some time our message spread across the country. We also took calls from Australia, America and from different cities in India. We received hundreds of calls and we donate plasma on the priority basis. As the cases have increased again, the demand of plasma will also increase.”

CitySpidey talked to the Vice-President, Shravan Singhal, he said, “I have been a social worker for 20 years and I am always there to help people. We always try to work for the community and mostly we distribute face masks and sanitisers to the poor people. For plasma donation, we collect a list and then find those people who have antibodies and call them to request them to donate plasma.”

Naman, a plasma donor said, “I was infected in September and at that time, Covid was at its peak. I recovered in around five to six days and then I was in quarantine for fourteen days. After a few days, an NGO, COWE contacted me to donate plasma. Then I went to ILBS Institute of Liver and Biliary Science and donated plasma. I have insufficient antibodies. After one month, I went to Lions Club which is a blood bank in Shalimar Bagh, and the process of donating plasma took one hour and I felt so good after donating plasma.”

When CitySpidey talked to Dr Praveen, he said, “Plasma therapy is used only for serious patients. Plasma is given to those patients whose bodies are not able to build antibodies and from the blood, we make serum which we inject to the patients and the success rate of the plasma is 50 to 70 per cent.” 

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Centre of Welfare & Environment 

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Call timings: 12 noon to 2 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm

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Devender Kumar, Founder & VP, 8766322196
Saurabh Dhingra, President, 9899636941
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