Hit these places for special Navratri food
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Hit these places for special Navratri food

We’ve got a roster of restaurants that are rolling out some epic Navratri food

Hit these places for special Navratri food

New Delhi: This Tuesday will mark the first day of Chaitra Navratri, which will go on from April 13 to April 21. The nine-day long fast is observed by a number of people who either fast, eating the Navratri-special foods only once a day or eat only Satvik food through the celebration. We’ve got a roster of restaurants that are rolling out some epic Navratri food to walk you through this festival.

Here are all the places in Connaught Place where you can head to for a traditional Navratri meal.
So, to make sure you don’t miss out on proper nutrition and taste while you engage in it, we’ve compiled a list of places that we consider to be serving the best Navratri Food in Connaught Place.

1.  Pind Balluchi

The Pind Balluchi will offer a special menu that will gastronomically step up the upcoming nine-day festival. The chefs at Pind Balluchi  have designed an elaborative thali that is not just for those who are fasting, but also for those who are not fasting yet want to stimulate their taste buds with some interesting food. With dishes like shahi paneer, vrat rice, sabudana kheer, aloo tamatar and kheera raita, they are all set to please you with their menu.

2. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is making sure you have one of the best feasts during Navratri. They are serving a selection of authentic and delicious foods curated especially to suit your fasting requirements. While the regular favourites like vrat wali lassi, rajgira ki puri, and paneer kaju makhane and many more hit the right hunger notes in the 9-day special menu, offbeat delicacies like kesari rasmalai and doodhi halwa are sure to treat your fasting taste buds.

3. Padmanabham

It is a south Indian dining place for vegetarians. It should definitely be on your list for places to eat the Navratri special menu. The restaurant is strictly vegetarian and serves truly delicious “Vrat ka  Khana” including a host of interesting dishes such as sabudana khichdi, kuttu ki puri and paneer ki sabji. To please your palates, try out their refreshing summer sip, banana lassi. The place sincerely reflects its name and the ambience is as amazing as the food.

4. Cafe Delhi Heights

If you think fasting is boring, we ask you to think again. This Navratri feast while you fast and visit in Cafe Delhi Heights, go green with their Navratri special menu with dishes like sabudana khichdi, courteous paneer and pineapple raita. So it’s not just fasting in style here, it’s also fasting for a good cause!

5. Chai Point

Chai point is a famous snacks and chai point which is offering Navratri menu. It includes fried crisp potato cubes tossed in spices and served with vrat ki chutney. You can also try falari aloo vada with vrat chutney. If you want something with chai, go and try.

Try this amazing Navratri food and let us know about it in the comment section.