Noida: Drying up of contaminated waterbody threatens birds' migration
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Noida: Drying up of contaminated waterbody threatens birds' migration

This waterbody needs to be cleaned to save migration of birds

Noida: Drying up of contaminated waterbody threatens birds' migration

Noida: A vacant plot along the main road at Sector 116, Noida, has become a cause of concern for the residents living in the vicinity. There is a long story behind it. Waste water used to be diverted to this plot in the past. As a result, it turned into a water body.

To make things worse, the plot became a plastic waste dumping spot for the people living nearby. They included residents, street vendors etc. However, no matter how worse the plot looked, there was a blessing in disguise as birds of different varieties started using this water body as their haven. It included migratory birds.

Now, with the scorching sun over the heads, the water has started to dry up. This is affecting the birds as it is now full of plastic waste scattered all over the place.

Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (NOFAA) Secretary Nisha Rai, who is also a birder herself, has been bringing this issue in cognizance of the authority. As she was concerned over the birds' haven, she tweeted about the issue and brought to the fore the concern to save the birds' migration from the plot.

“This is state of sec-116 Main Road where water has dried and its post effect is single use plastic waste is drying & visible everywhere @noida_authority please intervene clean up so that  #birds visiting here #waderbirds need safe clean water @CeoNoida @prchandna @CPCB_OFFICIAL (sic),” Rai tweeted.

In another tweet, she wrote, “#SayNo2Plastic says all birds as they wanna stay here n flourish .. Please clean up the dumped garbage.”



CitySpidey also talked to Nisha Rai and understood her concerns in details. Rai said that there is a dire need to save these birds from migration as it is good for the ecosystem.

“As per authority's plan, the plot has been earmarked for a park. Some local residents also want it to be developed as a park. But seeing the plot converting into a haven for 40-45 varieties of birds including the migratory ones, the authority should relook at its plan and develop a water body at this place,” Rai said.

“I have been a birder myself, this would be great for the ecosystem. Moreover, the plastic waste should be cleared as soon as possible to rejuvenate the water body and save the migration,” she added.