8 beverages to hydrate you during Navratri fasting
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8 beverages to hydrate you during Navratri fasting

Drinks you should try during Navratri to keep your body healthy and hydrated

8 beverages to hydrate you during Navratri fasting

New Delhi: The nine-day long Navratri festival started on April 13 and would end on April 21. A large number of devotees are either fasting or have adopted a simpler lifestyle.

These fasts are also a great way to detox and give your body essential break. For this, you can include a lot of drinks and fluids in between your meals to keep yourself refreshed and energised.

You are allowed to consume most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables which can be blended beautifully into shakes, smoothies and other drinks.

We bring you eight amazing Navratri beverages you can try without compromising on any fasting rules and that will also cool you down in this hot weather.

1. Mint Lassi

Feeling drained out because of your daily fasting routine? Try this yogurt based drink loaded with the freshness of mint and recharge yourself.

2. Chikoo Milkshake

This drink is the simplest of all and requires only three ingredients – chikoo, milk and sugar. Since the recipe is simple, you can have it every time when you are fasting. This milkshake can keep you and your tummy happy.

3. Aam Ras

The kings of fruits are back and back in the time when you need it the most. This delicious blend of mango pulp, lime juice and spices is an absolute treat.

4. Buttermilk

Widely consumed in the warmer seasons, it helps in balancing one's body temperatures and is a healthy option if you happen to be on a diet. Use rock salt instead of normal table salt and your treat is ready this festive season.

5. Badaam ka Sharbat

Load up on this flavourful drink full of nutty almonds along with cardamoms and kewda. The protein in almonds can give you an instant energy boost in fasting.

6. Grape Juice

When it comes to grape juice, there is no extra ingredient required to make it. Just like watermelon, grapes are also slushy and have a lot of water content in them. They can keep you well hydrated.

7. Banana and Honey Smoothie

Banana contains many important minerals like potassium, magnesium, manganese etc. Bananas are very good when it comes to filling your tummy up and warding away hunger pangs. Take a bunch of bananas in a blender, and add a dash of honey to it.

8. Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh coconut water is easily available, natural, and makes a great healthy drink for Navratri fasting. A rich source of natural electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, coconut water provides an  instant energy boost that is free from artificial flavours and preservatives, and barely adds calories to your diet.

So, this Navratri, celebrate the festival with you family and try all of the drinks we listed above.