This man is distributing free oxygen cylinder in Delhi
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This man is distributing free oxygen cylinder in Delhi

This NGO started its program of free distribution of oxygen cylinders

This man is distributing free oxygen cylinder in Delhi

New Delhi: People all over India are walking over the streets in search of beds, plasma, oxygen cylinders for their loved ones as we are facing the consequences of this second wave of COVID-19. The resources do not seem to be sufficient and the situation is worsening everyday. However, there are people who are doing all they can to make these times a bit more bearable and actually helping others.

Asim Husain, 39, resident of Kalan Mahal in Daryaganj is the President of Be Human NGO, located in Kucha Lal Man Daryaganj, Delhi. This NGO has been working for the past two years. They started with food distribution. They distributed vegetarian food to the patient's attendants sitting outside the government hospitals.

Initially, they started with 200 food packages per week, which later increased up to 1,800 food packages per week in the last year's lockdown. Husain says, “The day when the first lockdown started, we were the first group who started distributing food to the helpless people wandering outside. We also started distributing ration kits to the poor labourers which also included their medicines, slippers and other basic requirements.”

He also added that in June last year, they saw that COVID-19 was rapidly spreading and people mostly needed oxygen cylinders. This NGO started their program of free distribution of oxygen cylinders. They initially started with 10 oxygen cylinders which later got increased up to 40 cylinders. There are times when they are not able to help because of shortage and high demands.

Husain says, “Oxygen cylinder is very important for patients, but in Old Delhi, it is the requirement for most of the people because old Delhi is having narrow streets, so we have made many centres in old Delhi which also include areas like Nizamuddin, Okhla, Malviya Nagar, Wazirabad, Rohini and Adarsh Nagar. We have made our centres in all these places where you can get Oxygen cylinders, stretchers, and wheelchairs including oximeters so that whosoever is in need can get it from us free of cost and return it after the patient is recovered.”

They provide all of these free of cost. He also added that from the second wave this April, every day they are sending their oxygen cylinders to the people who need it and receiving them back from the people who have recovered. They are doing this without any support. They have also arranged 7-8 big cylinders of 150 litres and continuously increasing the count of them to help more and more people.

Husain says that during this  difficult time where mismanagement is happening everywhere, we the team of Be Human are trying best to help people for oxygen cylinder requirements. As we are getting shortage of gas supply, so we are facing  this challenge but we are trying our best to cope up with this.

“To some people, we have also suggested for oxygen concentrator. In future, if the problem continues, we will also keep an oxygen concentrator so that we can help more people,” he said.

He is providing help to more than 200 people on a daily basis. We need more people like Asim Husain.

For Free Oxygen Cylinders Contact:

Asim Husain- 9811841405
Mohd Zakir- 9810197458