Sector 23, Dwarka: SDMC returns bins after project failure
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Sector 23, Dwarka: SDMC returns bins after project failure

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation returns dustbins it had collected from societies in Sector 23, Dwarka, to test a pilot project for a more centralised garbage-disposal mechanism.

Sector 23, Dwarka: SDMC returns bins after project failure The common dumping spot in Sector 23

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has finally returned the dustbins that it had taken from the societies in Sector 23, Dwarka, for a pilot project on garbage management and disposal.

The residents say the SDMC returned the dustbins because the pilot project failed. However, a few societies, such as New Millennium, DDA Flats and New Kanchanjunga, are yet to get their dustbins back. A few societies and RWAs are not too happy at the approach of the Corporation. Vice-president of New Millennium Society, MS Suri, says, “They have still not returned our bins, and we are facing a lot of trouble. On the one hand, they started a very impractical project, and on the other hand, after its failure, they are still to restore the earlier system.”

Ex-president of Green Towers CGHS, SL Langer, said, “We have received our dustbins back from the SDMC, and now garbage collection and its management is happening much in the same way. They are picking the garbage from the society gate and dumping it at designated place. But the system is still not smooth, and on holidays and during weekends, the garbage seldom gets picked up from the gate.”

About one-and-half months back, the SDMC started a pilot project on waste management and disposal in Sector 23. The dustbins were taken away and the RWAs were asked to have the garbage dumped at a vacant spot near Indian Height School. The intent was to have the waste from all societies collected at one place, which should be 300m from any society in the area. The waste could be segregated and disposed off to a landfill site from that very point.

An SDMC official, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Since we do not have too many vehicles to carry the garbage from every society, we were testing whether we could have a more centralised system.  We asked the RWAs to dump the garbage at one spot, so we could manage with our existing infrastructure. However, we have now gone back to the earlier method of collecting waste, and all the dustbins have been returned to the RWAs.”