A cancer survivor who reversed the disease through diet and will power
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A cancer survivor who reversed the disease through diet and will power

On January 13, 2018, Kalpana had severe pain and she eventually got diagnosed with cancer

A cancer survivor who reversed the disease through diet and will power

New Delhi: Everyone's life has its own ups and downs. It’s gloomy and it’s certainly not rainbows and unicorns always. One thing that we need to keep our pace with is the will to live, to survive without thinking about the outcomes.

Kalpana Chowdhary, 43, a resident of Juhu, Mumbai, a social worker by profession, and the founder of Social Tablez along with Managing Trustee and Chairperson of Jan Seva Foundation is inspiring people through her cancer fight back story.

On January 13, 2018, Kalpana had severe pain and she eventually got diagnosed with cancer. She had this severe pain for 2 to 3 months but she didn’t take it seriously. Kalpana says, “If your body is giving any strange signal, then it is the time to take action on it.”

Kalpana and her family were wise enough to get tested from other hospitals also, she told her doctor that there was something different going on in her body. The doctors later did sonography, later endoscopy and then again CT scan. After this, the doctor diagnosed her with cancer. She had gastrointestinal cancer.

She went under surgery. Kalapana says, “I don’t have a stomach, My 100% stomach was taken out from my body.” She went through chemotherapy and later again in 6 months, she had ovarian cancer. The  doctor put her into very advanced chemotherapy which landed her in a wheelchair. She was hospitalised in Leelavati hospital, Mumbai.

Kalpana says, “It was so terrible, I was not able to take that, I came back home half crying, I was mad at everyone saying I don't want to take chemotherapy and then my husband, mother in law got worried asking what was happening with me. It was just that I was not able to cope up with that situation. I think nobody can take it. We were financially capable of getting the best treatment but my body was not able to take it.”
It was difficult for her since she was going through her second cancer and that too just after six months. She was so weak that she needed to take the help of a wheelchair. Overnight, they decided to take a second opinion. She went to many hospitals in Bombay and also in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and many more. Finally, Kalpana went through chemotherapy but it didn’t help her much.

Kalapana says, “I was mentally strong and continued doing my work. Cancer kept coming and going back repeatedly.” She later added that five months ago, she went through another surgery near her neck. When  they asked the doctor about it they said it is a metastatic high advanced cancer and she needs to remove a couple of organs. For which, she has to go through chemotherapy again but they are not sure how long she is going to live. They were shocked mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Kalpana thought about this and kept thinking about why she is having  cancer again and again. She says, “Nature has created us so eventually nature has the cure of our problems.” She started researching food habits, and how it impacts on our body. She started learning about ayurveda, homoeopathy, everything else whether it is nationally available or internationally.

She had thyroid for 20 years, she had cancer many times and then asthma also because of all these complications. She had cavity problems. She also shared that she has only a few original teeth and  the rest which she needs to replace from time to time. Later she improved her eating habits and made a diet chart, the moment she changed everything, it took her 70 days to reverse her cancer.

Let me tell you she was diagnosed by the doctor that she won't survive. But this lady, all by herself not only reversed this diagnosis but also changed her life without any surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or any kind of allopathy medication just because of food habits. Kalpana says, “I am not against allopathy but there is a cure beyond that and I cured my disease.”

Later after her big fight, she started sharing her story with people on big platforms like Tedx and also on her social media. People  started getting connected with her through her fight back story. She  started connecting with many cancer patients which she calls her members and not patients.

“A lady came to me saying I am completely hopeless and the doctor has given up on me. I told her I cannot guarantee but this is at her own risk. Eat what is right for your body, which can improve your immune  system and can kill your cancer cells. It took only 40 days and reversed her cancer. It was a victory for both of us,” she said.

She has 17 members whom she is helping, who are believing in her, they have not only reversed their cancer but also diabetes and blood pressure. This is how she not only fought back cancer but is also helping others to do the same.