Journey of a theatre artist who has been performing since she turned 4
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Journey of a theatre artist who has been performing since she turned 4

I was four years old when I started learning Indian classical and western contemporary dance

Journey of a theatre artist who has been performing since she turned 4

New Delhi: The coronavirus situation is becoming worse day by day. Covid is at its peak, due to this all industries have to shut their shutters. In this pandemic, so many artists are losing their jobs. All the theatre houses are closed and are performing their art with help of social media.

It is true that there are so many practical things that can not be performed on social media by an artist. It is very difficult for them. Today, CitySpidey talked to theatre director and dancer Moon Moon Singh. Singh shares her journey of how she became a dancer, director, or actor from a normal student.

Singh shared, “When I was 4 years old, I started learning Indian classical and western contemporary dance and during this time period, I also learned things related to art which helped me in my career. I have less knowledge in dramatics and I realised that to express myself, I have to join dramatics, so, at the age of 17, I joined Shri Ram Performing Arts Center for a 2-year diploma.”

“But I did it only for 2 years and then I dropped it because I took admission in London at a dance school. In London, I had a subsidiary subject, direction for theatre and I directed a play named 'Anna Weiss'. It was on child molestation and I also performed an act in this play and I got good reviews for my acting,” she added.

Singh also shared that their teachers in London wanted her to stay here and learn acting and then teach acting there but she refused  because she wanted to go back to India.

Singh said, “When I came back to India, my struggle started for NSD (National School of Drama), and to pass eligibility criteria I had to do at least 6 plays but I did nine. I passed the NSD exams and  interview on the first go and I was shocked about that. My interview was the longest in which they talked to me about poetry, playwrights and also watched my dance which took a very long  time.”

“And then I never looked back. In NSD there are so many mental and physical issues that happened but it was part of the struggle. During NSD, I got an opportunity for a serial 'Udaan' but I refused because of some personal issues and also if I had done it, then it would mean that I will be suspended from NSD as per their policies and did not give me a certificate,” she added.

Further, she said, “I have an experience of 17 years in the Artistic field and now I run my own theatre house 'Oorja Performing ARTS Center' in Sector-44, Noida. And I directed 4 plays in which I performed too. Recently I got an invitation from Japan, Tokyo Olympics in which I tied up with one company and performed there."

She concluded, “During this Lockdown, I preferred online classes which also teach practical things. Recently I am doing a webinar with a Chennai theatre group in which I also teach them a practical part.”

Singh shared why Mumbai has all the production houses. Why not in Delhi, Bihar, or UP and why they are only centralised in Mumbai. If the government decentralised this thing, it will be beneficial for all of us and we will find new and true artists.