Is Sir Lewis Hamilton G.O.A.T. in F1
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Is Sir Lewis Hamilton G.O.A.T. in F1

Lewis Hamilton secured a sensational win at Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday

Is Sir Lewis Hamilton G.O.A.T. in F1

New Delhi: Adjectives run short in describing Lewis Hamilton or rather to be precise Sir Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver secured a sensational win at Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday and spectators saw brilliant driving he got past Max Verstappen (Red Bull) to win the race. It was a great team effort.

It was a fifth consecutive win for Lewis Hamilton at Spanish Grand Prix. He equalled the record of Ayrton Senna who had won five times in a row at Monaco Grand Prix. The seven-time champion, who is also known to have made most exciting debut in 2007, has now won 98 races.

Lewis Hamilton is now well past Michael Schumacher in terms of most wins at F1 races. Hamilton has now 98 wins in comparison to Schumacher’s 91 wins.

The British driver is now sitting at the top as far as most of the prominent records are concerned. He holds the record for most wins, most pole-positions and most championship wins. Hamilton had gone past his hero Ayrton Senna in achieving the most pole position record.

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton shares the most championship wins record with Michael Schumacher. It was 100th pole position for Lewis Hamilton in the Spanish Grand Prix. It was also the first time that a F1 driver has achieved 100 pole positions.

After taking 100th pole position on Saturday, it was 59th time that he converted a pole into a win (a 59 per cent strike rate). Hamilton’s exploits continue unabated as he now has 94 points from the first 4 races, which is the his best-ever start to any season in his career.

“Oh wow. I can't believe we're at 100. It's really down to the men and women who are back at the factory who are continuously raising the bar and just never giving up. The support that I have... it's been a dream for me to work with these guys. The journey that we've been on has been immense. Who would have thought in 2013... or at the end of 2012 when we made the decision to partner, we would be qualifying at 100. I feel very humbled, very grateful. I'm ecstatic - like it's my first!” Hamilton said.