The pandemic doesn’t discriminate, be your own saviour
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The pandemic doesn’t discriminate, be your own saviour

It’s an emergency and we should treat it like that

The pandemic doesn’t discriminate, be your own saviour

New Delhi: It is an unprecedented situation ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. The situation has become alarming as the high number of deaths are happening in different cities. Delhi tops the chart in number of fatality. More than 300 deaths have been recorded consistently over the last one week. The city is getting short of spaces for cremations. It’s nothing short of an apocalypse.

But in hindsight, have we ever wondered why we are into such kind of situation? Ever since the pandemic had hit us, the authorities have been appealing to people to follow three simple norms of wearing the masks, maintaining social distancing, and washing the hands regularly. But the instances of blatantly flouting the guidelines have been frequently witnessed.

In general, people looked very nonchalant towards their own well-being. One could have easily spotted people doing violations of guidelines in public places. The will to follow and trust the authorities was mostly absent in a large number of people. Everyday, we are flooded with news of violations of guidelines from all across the country. It is not stopping despite the burst in coronavirus cases and a high number of deaths.

Nothing stopped in the country except the time when there was a lockdown. Political rallies, religious congregation, and many more other such gatherings continued in the country. Even, people were seen flouting the guidelines in public transports such as Delhi Metro. Even CitySpidey reported many such incidents of such flouting of norms inside the Metro coaches. Pictures were shown where people did not maintain social distancing and wear masks properly.

Now that we are in the middle of such calamity, do we have to wait for the authorities to be strict with us? Shouldn’t it be our own responsibility to safeguard ourselves? Do we have to wait for the lockdown to happen? The will to be safe should come from within. If not for others then the norms should be followed for our own safety. It’s an emergency and we should treat it like that. There should not be any laxity whatsoever. I appeal to people to follow all the guidelines and be safe amid such a dangerous situation.