Best tea advertisement campaigns
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Best tea advertisement campaigns

Jaago Re campaign left a strong impact in the minds of the viewers

Best tea advertisement campaigns

New Delhi: In India, a tea is a must for every Indian because it refreshes the mind like no other beverages. Tea is mother drink and serves in every home. Indians love tea more than coffee. Tea is also the only domain where India has been  globally prominent in the last one and a half centuries.

Brooke Bond is a famous brand name of tea owned by Unilever. Taaza is the name given to a new type of tea introduced by the Brooke Bond tea company.

There are many tea brands in India like Tata Tea, Taja Mahal tea, Red Label etc. All of these companies have given us beautiful advertisements through many decades.

Here are the some of the best campaigns of tea companies to inspire you:

1. Brooke Bond Red label - Neighborhood

Tea has been a welcome drink in many cultures the world over. The advertisement portrayed a reluctant Hindu family turning into good friends with their Muslim neighborhood, over a few cups of Red Label tea. The ad was both appreciated for its subtle preaching on the religious divide in the country as well as slammed for showcasing Hindus as intolerant and unwelcoming towards Muslims. The brand proposition was “Swad Apnepan Ka” or the “Taste of Togetherness.”

2.Tata tea-  Jaago Re Campaign

In 2008, Tata Tea for the first time introduced their iconic Jaago Re campaign, which left a strong impact in the minds of the viewers. In 2012, Tata Tea came out with their ‘Badi Duty, Choti Duty’ campaign to highlight the message that awareness is the greatest of all knowledge and how it is smaller things, which we neglect, makes a big difference.

3. Taj Mahal Tea - Khud Se Milo

‘Fursat Waali Chai' of Taj Mahal tea, featured the classical vocalist, Nirali Kartik. The advertisement has  featured the soulful music created by Rag Asa Mand. The music lifts the film and highlights the theme of finding magic in solitude. This poetic amalgamation of classical music, a moment of solitude, and an ever-delightful cup of Taj Mahal tea are all things that arrest audiences' minds and create a sense of belonging in their hearts. For 30 years, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has promoted Indian classical  music through their advertisements.

4. Tata Tea - Equality

Tata Tea also for sometime has been trying to raise societal issues through its advertisements and many times, they have hit the nail on the head with their ad. Just like in this advertisement, they  feature young children running in a race. We often unknowingly teach children about inequality and words like 'you got hit by a girl' or 'are you a girl' when a boy doesn't want to play or is scared often  ends up making the little ones understand that being a girl is inferior and being a boy is somehow superior and hence they must triumph. A lot of the crimes that are committed against women stems  from this generalisation that men are entitled to be superior and always win.

5. Wagh Bakri - Rishton Ki Garmahat

it was in the year 2015 that Wagh Bakri too latched onto the  storytelling trend in advertising. Slightly shifting from ‘Hamesha Rishtey Banaye’, the brand’s focus was now to soften the brand’s  image on the beauty of relationships with the tea as a catalyst. This advertisement by Wagh Bakri Tea told the story of a husband-wife relationship. The ad was produced by Chrome Picture and won ‘Best Ad Film’ at the 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Awards held in 2015.

6. Taaza Tea - Airport

Taaza Ho Le, an airline attended gets courage to stand up against politician who throw his name and weight around airport to cut the line.

Let's re-watch these beautiful tea advertisements with strong campaign motto. Let us know your favourite tea advertisement in the comment section below.