SHD starts online petition to request govt to allow door-step vaccination
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SHD starts online petition to request govt to allow door-step vaccination

The online petition for door-step vaccination was started on May 18

SHD starts online petition to request govt to allow door-step vaccination

Dwarka: As the vaccination drive was extended to people in age group of 18+ years, most of the people are facing difficulties in getting the jab due to the sudden rush. It has become difficult to schedule appointment for vaccine.

Amid all this, Seniors Hub Dwarka (SHD), a social organisation consisting mostly of senior citizens, has initiated an online petition to request the Delhi government to make arrangements for door-step vaccination at the residential societies.

SHD brought the issues to the fore that its members, who are mostly senior citizens and hold various responsible positions in management of housing societies, are facing in getting vaccines at hospitals. Most of them said that their families are struggling to get vaccine due to sudden rush and the lockdown.

SHD members informed that they had contacted the nearby hospitals for arranging vaccination at the residential societies but it was refused by the hospital authorities. The hospitals said that it is not permissible under the law.

As per SHD, if the Chief Minister allows vaccination at door-step then management committees of the societies will ensure the vaccination with strict protocol and the SHD members can act as volunteers if need be.

The online petition was started on May 18 to request the CM to instruct the hospitals to carry out vaccination at door-step. RK Jain, President of the SHD, said that facilitating human connectivity is their main objective. “We can ensure social distancing while the vaccination will be in progress if we get permission for door-step vaccination,” he said.

Ravi Jaitley, General Secretary of the SHD said that they have got encouraged with their earlier online petition on opening of 1725-bedded Indira Gandhi Hospital in Dwarka, where over 7,450 people signed and made the concerned stakeholders to open this hospital for public. “The members expected us to take up this important issue with the authorities as well,” he said.