The GIFs world and ways to create your own
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The GIFs world and ways to create your own

WhatsApp has a lot of GIFs options for the user

The GIFs world and ways to create your own

Have you ever shared GIFs with someone? Or what types of GIFs you shared with your friends? Nowadays, everyone uses social media. We are in the 21st century and most of the people love to spend their time on social media and share their content. We used to chat with our friends and try to explore all the interesting stuff during the conversation like we share stickers, memes and GIFs.

GIFs are the most interesting or funny way to share your emotion or how you feel. Creators mostly shared GIFs of famous personalities or the things which were trending surrounding them.

Users from every group age shared GIFs according to their interest like older people sharing something related to peace or Youngsters are always trying for fun or to tease their friends in a funny way with the help of GIFs.

When some people replied to share your GIFs you always tried to reply with other GIFs which was more fun and that's how you start your GIFs conversation. Users always tried to share the most funniest GIFs to another end.

There are many GIFs based on popular personalities by which users share their emotion or what they feel like, “kuch toh gadbad hai daya” from CID, “aye pagal aurat” by jethalal and there are so many meme and  GIFs from movie “hera pheri” of Akhsay kumar and Paresh Rawal etc…

A GIF, which is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format, is a lossless format for picture records that help both static and animated pictures. It is known as a lossless arrangement since it doesn't corrupt the quality of the picture. GIF is a picture design implied  for sharing on the Internet. GIFs store picture information utilizing recorded shading, which means a standard GIF picture can incorporate a limit of 256 tones.

In spite of the fact that they can hypothetically store in excess of 250 shadings, such GIFs will have a record size practically the same as JPEG and subsequently, they are once in a while utilized.

The GIFs given by WhatsApp are suitable to communicate what we need and consequently, we do pick from the WhatsApp assortment. In any case, there are novel thoughts or articulations we can't precisely speak with the WhatsApp inbuilt GIFs.

It at that point is important to make our custom GIFs. WhatsApp permits its users to make their custom GIFs in the WhatsApp application, and now there are so many memes’ stickers and GIFs that  engage social media. People made their own GiFs to communicate in a funny way.

There are so many applications on the play store like GIPHY  Cam, Gif Me! Camera, Pixel Animator: GIF Maker, ImgPlay – GIF  MakerTumblr, by the With the help of these you can make your own GIFs in only a  few easy steps. Also, you can also make your GIF on What’s App also.

Have a look to the five most funniest GIFs:

Daya and Jetha- The Gujarati couple from Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma are popular for their witty lines. No wonder they have captured people's imagination in the GIF world.

Apte and Raju from the movie Hera Pheri, where Apte needs answers to every question and Raju is always stuck in a big problem and he is always Show-off in the movie. There are many GIFs on the dialogues of the movie like ‘khopdi tod’, ‘paisa hi paisa hoga’ and so on.

ACP in a CID and his team is a perpetual presence in many GIFs. Users always feel connected with the GIFs from CID and the Dialogue ‘kuch toh gadbad hai’ is the most popular and most shared GIFs by the users.

Salman Khan, Salman is always a talking point for the users on social media. A clip of Salman laughing in a show is the viral GIFs these days. When people watch something funny they always make memes to the receiver.

Johnny Lever from the movie Phir Hera pheri as Munna bhai, the dialogue ‘Abhi maza ayega na bidhu’ is also the famous GIFs when they feel very excited.