Most annoying, hated characters in favourite shows
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Most annoying, hated characters in favourite shows

Some characters are so unbearable that we won't want them in our lives

Most annoying, hated characters in favourite shows

It’s been more than a year since Covid-9 hit us hard and confined us within the walls of our homes. The entire period has been really hard for a lot of people. The lockdown had taken a toll on our mental health but there was no other choice. As much as we were all cursing the lockdown, it actually gave an opportunity to people to spend more time with themselves, to explore more interests, to discover a new hobby and what not. 

I used the lockdown to binge on the shows that were in my watchlist and I don't regret it a bit. The lockdown took me to many new places, made me meet so many new characters. I fell in love with a lot of them while some of the characters were just unbearable. Here, I talk about the latter.

Following is a short list of characters who were so annoying and terrible villains to our favourite characters that it was easy to hate them:

Arturo (Money Heist)

If only there was an award for the worst and the most annoying character ever, he would definitely win it. From the first season itself, he started showing his colours and till the end of season 4, the only thing that pissed me off was that Nairobi was dead while he was still alive.

The man is all things wrong, there is not even a single ounce of sympathy for him and nothing justifies his actions. I really hope we get rid of him in the upcoming season in a way he deserves.

Joffrey (Game of Thrones)

The show is iconic in every way and what is more iconic is the lost list of well-written characters who give life to this show. 'Game of Thrones' has its own share of villains or negative-characters as we call them, however, the most annoying of them all was Joffrey. 

He was so young and yet so vicious and sadist. There was no logic behind his deeds other than his own amusement. A perfect example of not every prince makes a good king. Kudos to the actor who played it to such perfection that we actually hated Joffrey from the core of our heart.

Umbridge (Harry Potter)

This lady in her pink suit is just the worst in the entire Harry Potter universe. She was made to be loathed by the writers. The way she made the lives of students miserable is unbearable. Her annoying and vicious smile made her even more hated. I hated her as a kid and that hasn’t changed even now.

Ryan (The Office)

As good looking B.J.Novak is, his character Ryan was one of the worst characters on the show. 'The Office' actually consists of a lot of characters with shortcomings of their own, nobody was perfect. However, Ryan was entitled and was a brat. Also, the way he treated Kelly was so wrong at so many levels. I hated it at the end when both of them ran away. Seriously Kelly, you left Ravi for this guy?

Isaac (Sex Education)

This show is so refreshing in the way it talks about teenagers and sex in a different light. I love the characters on this show, even Isaac wouldn’t have been on this list. However, what he does at the end of the show tells us that he is actually very selfish. 

He took away the chance of Maeve and Otis being together after all they had been through and we were left at that cliffhanger. I hate him from the bottom of my heart and will continue to do so until he seeks redemption for his actions in the later seasons.