Schitt's Creek – The afterthoughts of watching this amazing sitcom
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Schitt's Creek – The afterthoughts of watching this amazing sitcom

The most special part about the show is the love that this family shares within itself

Schitt's Creek – The afterthoughts of watching this amazing sitcom

New Delhi: While watching the highlights of last year's Emmys, I came across a name which basically owned the event! And it was Schitt's Creek. Being a comprehensive consumer of the OTT content, I had heard of this show before for sure, however, when that show ended up winning 9 emmys that night, I was intrigued to know what it has to offer. Just last week I started watching it and I kid you not, I finished it in a week and boy, it didn't disappoint! This show is just what we all need in these shitty times. It is a riches to rags story of the Rose family who loses their empire and is forced to live in a small town once bought by them as a joke, the titular 'Schitt's Creek'. You arrive in this crazy little town with the Roses and it is hell of a ride from there. SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk, there might be spoilers ahead.

Of course, the show goes where it is supposed to go eventually, it is what we expect it to be and that is the beauty of it. The journey of the four main characters - Johny Rose, Moira Rose, David Rose, and Alexis Rose is unique and true to their characters. They may come across as stereotypical, annoying, and entitled at the beginning but throughout the show, there are several instances which will prove that the Rose family has a heart of gold.

The most special part about the show is the love that this family shares within itself. You take out any permutation of the relationships in this family and it's so beautifully portrayed. They annoy each other, they have been distant because of their previous lifestyle but now that they live in two rooms of a motel next to one another, they come closer and that reflects in their relationships.

Talking about the characters, they are so well written with backstories and personality traits which will make sure to chuckle you up, especially Alexis's back stories are just hilarious and dangerous. Moira is just so self-absorbed and loves her wigs whom she calls 'girls' and has an out of this world accent, David is peculiarly picky and dramatic, Alexis is naive and always has some boy drama going on but is just very sweet and Johnny is the best dad and husband ever. The most special thing about the Rose family is that even though they have seen better days and have been filthy rich, they never intentionally belittle the people of town. Apart from the Rose family, the town has its own share of witty, weird, and lovely characters.

One of the best parts about this show is how beautifully the LGBTQ relationships are portrayed in it. It introduced me to the term 'pansexual', a sexual orientation nobody really talks about much. Also, you won't see the struggles of LGBTQ people here, this show doesn't make us feel guilty by showing their hardships, rather it just creates a world where such disparities don't exist. It tells us how beautiful the world can be if we all just accept everyone for who they are. The relationship of David and Patrick is so romantic and beautiful and will make you fall in love with them both. You'd want what they have after watching the show. After The Office's Jim and Pam, these two are my favourite couple.

In any show, one of the most important aspects that leaves an impression on us and makes us root for the characters is the character arc - the development and growth of a character from who that person was when first introduced to who they become towards the end of the show. In Schitt's Creek, one of the best character arcs is that of Alexis. Throughout the show, we see her becoming sympathetic, smarter, and taking charge of her life. It was very bold of her to finish her high school and go to college after that, something she didn't do because she didn't have to in her earlier life. The most amazing thing that happens to her is that she learns what is right for her and what is not. From being someone who couldn't confront anyone, at the end she breaks up with Ted even though they both love each other so much. You'll see the contrast in Alexis of season 1 and season 6 by small incidences like when she refuses to be the Maid of Honour for her only brother because she realizes that Stevie needs it more or when Twyla goes to offer her money, she denies it because she wants to make it on her own. You have all my heart, Alexis.

The friendships in this show are to die for. David and Stevie's friendship being the most beautiful of them all. They find a best friend in each other, something both of them didn't have earlier. I just love how they don't forget to tease each other but are there for another whenever needed. I also root for the small and sweet friendship that develops between Alexis and Twyla. However, one friendship which was very unexpected but is full of just respect and love is that of Stevie and Johnny Rose. The way Johnny motivates and supports Stevie and makes her believe in herself proves that he is nothing short of an angel! It's just so wholesome. Talking about friendships, the discussion can't come to an end without talking about Rose family and Creek family's dynamics. No matter how much Creeks annoy the Roses, but they are always there for them. I loved the scene when Johnny stands up for the Creeks when one of his old 'friend' makes fun of the town.

Moira Rose is an example of how perfectly a character can be written and performed. Also, the details like obsession with wigs and unique accent, were the suggestions of the actress who plays Moira. Catherine O'Hara, you're a genius! The wardrobe of all the characters is so well styled, especially of Moira and David. The makers have made sure to create wardrobes that remain true to the characters and add to their personalities.

Well, if you are looking for something to watch to take your mind off from all that is happening around us right now, I suggest you watch this show. Rewatch it if you have already seen it! It will provide you with the comfort and a dose of happiness that we all need right now.