Some spoken word artists you absolutely can't miss
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Some spoken word artists you absolutely can't miss

These artists have got us hooked on their art of storytelling

Some spoken word artists you absolutely can't miss

Spoken word artists can take you on a magical tour with powerful expressions that can touch your heart and create an impression forever. Their creativity and awakened sense of storytelling can bring changes by just spoken words.

Here's a list of some young spoken word artists who are ruling our hearts by delivering their experiences beautifully.

Aranya Johar

A poet who uses the power of social media to empower and raise her voice against issues like gender equality, body positivity, and mental health has been performing since she was 12. Aranya Johar is a TEDx speaker as well.  

She integrated the spoken word with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, in his movie 'Padman'. Her first released poetry 'A Brown girl guide to gender' reached 1 million viewers within two days after its release. In this poem, she spoke about sexism, misogyny, and sexual harassment.

Simar Singh

A 23-year-old changemaker, Simar Singh is the founder of UnErase poetry. He started writing when he was 9 years old and believes that more issues need to be addressed through poetry.

His piece 'The Legal Rapist', critically acclaimed and widely accepted, talks about marital rape. He also talks about the condition of women who have no rights in their marriage and how it becomes their duty to provide sex.

Rakesh Tiwari

Hindi poems have always had a different fanbase and Rakesh Tiwari is one of the finest Hindi spoken word artists in the industry. He is also an author and a TEDx speaker who has been performing for at least 7 years now. 

He has generated millions of views from his work in collaboration with some of the best spoken-word platforms. His piece 'Missing' was a big success and his performance was nothing short of an award-winning one. 

Hussain Haidry

Hussain Haidry is a spoken word poet, writer, and lyricist who has also contributed to Bollywood via films like 'Gurgao', 'Qarib Qarib Single', and 'Mukkabaaz'. He has also written the title song for Amazon's web series, 'Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare'.

His poem 'Hindustani Musalman' was able to collect many accolades on the Internet. Haidry, later, appeared in an interview with journalist Ravish Kumar to discuss his poem and other work.

The poem expresses what it means to be an Indian Muslim and what culture and diversity are in real life.

Gaurav Tripathi

He is a spoken word artist, writer, and poet from Kanpur. Tripathi is famously known for his poem 'Shri Ram Adalat Mai'. He is also known for his work in corporate films and advertisements as a scriptwriter.

His poem 'Kambal Wale Bhai' is a love story and an unusual connection formed between a street vendor and a customer from a village.

Check out the above-listed artists and let us know what you think of them in the comment box. If you think that we've missed out on any artists, do comment!