Story of a budding dancer who practices at railway station
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Story of a budding dancer who practices at railway station

Ashish Laxman Sonar is a budding dancer who dreams to become a choreographer

Story of a budding dancer who practices at railway station

New Delhi: We all know that it is the passion which makes us successful. There are many examples from Bollywood which proves that this is true. There are choreographers who had go against the will of their families to pursue their dreams. And it is also a fact that many don't continue their passion especially when it is related to arts and culture.

Ashish Laxman Sonar, a 24-year-old resident of Airoli in Navi Mumbai, is one such budding dancer who dreams to become a dance choreographer with his unique dancing style. He started dancing from his school time. Like many dancers, Ashish loves to watch Hrithik Roshan. When Ashish asked his parents that he wanted to join dance classes they didn't want him to join. But his elder brother supported him not only verbally but also paid fees for his dance classes.

Ashish later joined a crew to practice dance moves and to learn more. Further, they saw some dancers performing near Airoli Station, they loved the spot as it was very clean and possessed good vibes for dancers. Ashish also said that many famous crews used to perform here and continue to come.

Ashish said, "It is an open area and nobody stops us from practice. I do have a hall to practice but I feel much comfortable at that place." He added that he wants to do something on his own, with his choreographed dancing style.

Ashish wants to become a choreographer despite the reluctance of his parents. He got inspired by a young girl. "When I first saw her dancing, I found her style very unique. It was not something that I had seen before. She is from the USA. Now she is married with two kids. Her moves, expressions, everything was just fabulous," he said.

Ashish continues to practice dance in this lockdown as it makes him feel more cheerful and energetic. He practices at his terrace and most of the time at the railway station area. He said, "I am not afraid of any battle, I will continue to dance." He dances at a railway station at night as his parents don't allow him to practice dance outside. So, when they sleep, he goes outside and practices. "I don't want a lot of money but just enough money to learn more in dancing," he said.