Wow Moms: My mother is a wonder woman for me
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Wow Moms: My mother is a wonder woman for me

My mother always taught me how to fight, how to build myself, and not to depend on anyone

Wow Moms: My mother is a wonder woman for me

New Delhi: Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on May 9. On the occasion, I want to say that while we share our feeling for our mothers on this day, mothers don’t have one single day, they always love their kids everyday. No matter how is the time, good or bad, the first priority of any mother is always her child.

Every mother wants her child to become a successful man or woman. My mother also has a dream that one day I will achieve my dream successfully. And yes, for her I can do it. She is my inspiration.

My mother is a wonder woman for me. She used to call me Samshu. She always teaches me how to fight against the problems, how to build myself, and not to depend on anyone. My mother was a state level Kabaddi player and I always asked her why didn't she pursue her career as an athlete. Engrossed in deep thoughts, she said, “Some dreams were and will always be a dream.”

Due to financial conditions, my mother dropped her dream and looked forward to helping her family financially. When my mother passed her 12th standard, her younger brother suffered from a deadly disease and the financial conditions were not good. So during that tough time, my mother  used to work hard and she started stitching pillow cover. She also pursued her studies side by side. She always said, “I have seen a tough time and the tough time made me strong.”

My mother and father lived in a small village called Loomb near Baghpat. When I was born, my mother was very worried about my future because at that time villages did not have proper schools and the environment was also not good as the people talked in a very harsh manner and used abusive languages. My mother hated all those things. At the age of 2, my mother gave me to my maternal uncle who lived in Ghaziabad and it was a very tough time for her.

I always think how much pain my mother would have felt. It is very hard for any mother to keep her 2-year-old child away from her. But she wanted me to grow in a better environment and hence she was strong in doing so. When I was in 3rd standard, my mother and father shifted to Delhi and she was very happy. She always said, “Mera baccha ab mere sath rahega. (Now my child will live with me)” She is also a very strict and punctual woman. She has her own timetable which she follows everyday and she wants the same things from me too.

There is one incident which changed me and shaped me for future. My 4th standard exams were going on. One day, I was very sleepy and I went off to my bed. My mother came to my room and burned a few newspapers and when I awoke, she said, “See, I burned your notebook.” I cried a lot. Then, she revealed that it was just newspaper and warned that if this is repeated in future, she will definitely burn my books.

She taught us every day and helped me and my sister to complete our homework. Whenever the school closed, she used to come and take my and my sister’s bags on her shoulder. Now when I think about this, I get very emotional. My mother always supported me in every way and as a past athlete, she always pushed me in the field of sports and because of her, I was also involved in athletics. She always helped and motivated me in extracurricular activities.

When I was in 6th standard, there was a fire due to a short circuit in my father's factory and the whole thing turned into ashes. We became very weak financially. And then my mother started stitching pillow covers again to help my father. Now she still stitches the pillow covers and feeds us. She is always the backbone of our family.

My mother always teaches me, whatever the situation is, one should face it from the front and after a few times, your problem will turn your solution. I was always more connected to my mother than my father. He always said my mother has given me freedom as I was ‘Maa Ka Laadla’. When I am away from her, I miss her lap which I used to sleep in, and also most of her food. She makes very tasty and spicy food.

My mother always said when you love someone, first respect her than love her. If you do not respect anyone, no one will love you. And be polite and calm. She is always worried about my nature and advises me to think about myself first than others. And now she has a dream that one day I will become an anchor.

Whatever I am doing today or I have achieved, it is only because of my mother. Her hard work always reminds me that I have to fulfill her dreams first and yes, I am very proud to say that yes, I will fulfill her dreams and live a good and relaxed life.