It's traffic mayhem at Sector 3, Dwarka
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It's traffic mayhem at Sector 3, Dwarka

Vehicles drive down the wrong side and pay no heed to traffic rules at the intersection — right next to a police chowki.

It's traffic mayhem at Sector 3, Dwarka

The chaotic traffic situation near the police chowki in Sector 3, Dwarka, has become a headache for residents. 

"Vehicles coming in from Kakrola, sectors 12, 13, 14 and road numbers 201 and 203 drive on the wrong side of the road," said Rakesh Godara, RWA president, Om Apartments. "Bikes, cars, trucks, tempos — none of them pay any heed to traffic rules. Driving through the area is becoming dangerous."

The irony is that all this happens right in front of the police chowki.

Ramesh Mumukshu, a social activist and member of Dwarka Collective, is a daily commuter on this route. "Vehicles headed towards Kakrola or Sector 14 DDA flats drive in the wrong lane as a short cut. Despite all of it happening in front of the traffic police, I am yet to see a single cop intervene or do something about the problem. There are no fines and no challans."

Residents are of the same opinion. People also say that vehicles moving towards NSIT from sectors 13 and 14 take the service lane on the wrong side, which makes the situation even more dangerous.

"The problem can be solved if the violaters are prosecuted," said Sushil Kumar, former president of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Radhika Apartments. "A truck driving down the wrong side led to a nasty traffic jam just the other day. There was nothing done to stop the madness, and vehicles were stuck there for hours. And incidents such as this happen several times every day."

Traffic officials said the matter would be taken into consideration and that the violaters would be prosecuted.