Covid-19 vaccine: What you need to know
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Covid-19 vaccine: What you need to know

AIIMS doctor talked about types of vaccine, precautions and post vaccination care

Covid-19 vaccine: What you need to know

New Delhi: On June 1, Global Association for Corporate Services (GACS) invited AIIMS Doctor CM Bhagat in their session “Technical Tuesdays.” They used Zoom application to organise the session. It was a 45 minutes session that started at 6 pm on Tuesday.

Dr CM Bhagat talked about types of vaccine, precautions and post vaccination care during the session. He stressed on getting vaccinated and said, “It's important for everyone to grab their very first opportunity to get vaccinated. There's no scope for window shopping as all the vaccines have proved to be effective.”

The doctor advised not to miss the opportunity to get vaccinated as one can never predict when a person can get struck by the virus. Doctor Bhagat said that right now, Covaxin and Covishield are the two available vaccines in India. Sputnik V is expected to arrive later in this month, he added.

Bhagat further said that it has been observed that when coronavirus attacks the vaccinated people, the attack is not that severe and doesn't turn out to be fatal.

After getting vaccinated, people might get slight side effects, “it's normal,” said the doctor. He said that a person who is getting the vaccination might get a fever, feel nauseous and get a mild body ache for which the person might have to take rest for a day or two and can have paracetamol if required.

Dr CM Bhagat said it's important to stay inside, if possible, for at least 10-15 days after vaccination. Explaining which, he said antibodies take time to build.

Talking about India's present situation, he said that until everyone's safe, no one is safe, thus he stressed on the need of wearing masks, following sanitisation procedures and maintaining social distance even after getting both the shots of the vaccine.

The doctor brought to notice that the children are still not safe. The vaccination has started for 18+ only as of now. Thus, keeping their safety in mind people should get some behavioural changes in them. The children must not come and hug them as soon as they enter the house. The elders should be cautious and sanitise themselves before interacting with the kids.

On being asked whether pregnant ladies should get vaccinated or not, this is what doctor CM Bhagat had to say, “Yes, they can get vaccinated but it's not recommended for a pregnant lady to get the vaccine. It is better they stay inside and maintain their safety till delivery.”

The doctor said that one should refer to the official website of World Health Organization (WHO) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) if they want to get verified knowledge about Covid-19 and vaccinations.