Kudos to these Covid heroes!
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Kudos to these Covid heroes!

In these challenging times, people have come together to help each other beyond their capabilities

Kudos to these Covid heroes!

New Delhi: The second wave of Corona has been a major setback for almost everyone. Just as things seemed to be getting better and we all were returning to our normal lives just like before Covid happened, this second wave took away all of that from us. The times have been tough for people but still hope persists in everybody’s hearts saying that things will get better and that’s keeping everyone running.

In these challenging times, people have come together to help each other beyond their capabilities. From the last few days, the entire social media has been flooded with posts citing requirements of Remdesivir, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds and so on. At this point, when the government has fallen flat in helping people at individual levels, it is confounding to witness the beauty of people coming together to help each other out. And mind you, these people aren’t financially well off or don’t have any backup support, they have used their own savings to make things better for someone else.

Not just in the national capital, but such good samaritans have emerged throughout India. We have Amarjeet Singh from Gurgaon who used his savings to turn his car into an ambulance to take people to hospitals after he witnessed a death in his locality because of the lack of ambulance service and decided to help such people.

Ananta, a 21 year old resident of Delhi decided to give free education to the children who have lost their parents to Covid. Pretty, a 24 year old social worker who shared her number over social media to offer any sort of help but was harassed by anonymous people over calls and still decided to go ahead with her services.

We also have heroes like Ravi, an auto driver in  Jharkhand who is using his auto to drop people to hospitals because of the lack of ambulance services. Such people prove that you don’t need to have loads of money to be there for other people, the only thing it takes is a heart big and courageous enough to go an extra mile to help people.



The doctors like Varun Garg of Delhi are not just treating people, but also performing last rites when no one shows up. Akash Tayade of Amravati, Maharatstra is doing his bit and serving the frontline workers with evening snacks and making things a bit more bearable for them. Vijay, a resident of Delhi along with a group of his friends, started the initiative of free meal distribution by chipping in funds from their own pockets.

All of these are the people who have come forward and have extended a helping hand to those in need. They are the reason people still believe in humanity and if you have such people around you, don’t forget to express your gratitude to them.