Dairy products based dishes from across the world
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Dairy products based dishes from across the world

Gratin dauphinois is a French dish made of sliced potatoes baked in milk

Dairy products based dishes from across the world

New Delhi: Did you know milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and cream are found in almost every cuisine in the world? It’s true! To get you started on your global food adventure, we’ve curated a list of delicious recipes from every country.

Get your inspiration globally, while eating locally.

Let's get on to the list of countries having dishes which include milk in it:

1. Beef Stroganoff – Russia

This recipe is a classic Russian most famous dish.  It’s creamy, tart and the meat will melt in your mouth. The Russian beef stroganoff recipe includes beef, sour cream/cheese cream, mushrooms, rice or pasta and onions.

2. Chicken Mull – Georgia

It is a type of stew consisting of boiled chicken in a cream or milk based broth, butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and other ingredients. Traditionally, the stew is served in the late fall and winter months. In northern Georgia, this part of the year is often referred to as “mull season.”

3. Fatost – Sweden

Is a a specialty from northern Sweden, commonly eaten around Christmas. The recipe varies, but it usually consists of milk, rennet, syrup, sugar, wheat flour and eggs. Cinnamon and cardamom are also common.

4. Gratin Dauphinois – France

Gratin Dauphinois is a French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk or  cream, using the gratin technique, from the Dauphiné region in south-eastern France. There are many variants of the name of the dish.

5. Tarak-Juk – Korean

It is also called uyu-juk or milk porridge. It is a type of juk (porridge) made with milk and rice (glutinous japonica variety). It was a part of the Korean royal court cuisine and was also patronised by yangban.

6. Milk Roll – England

It is a soft, round type of bread from Blackpool in Lancashire England. Traditionally it is made using milk instead of water, as well as white flour, yeast and sugar. Milk Roll is soft, light textured with a soft crust.

7. Macaroni Casserole – Northern Europe

It is a baked macaroni casserole. It is especially known as a staple in northern European home cooking. It is a dish of cooked macaroni and a mixture of egg and milk with additional ingredients like meats, vegetables or fish. It is commonly made with cheese or breadcrumbs sprinkled on top.

8. Tuna Mornay – Australia

Tuna Mornay is the Aussie name for a tuna casserole pasta bake made with canned tuna and pasta in a creamy white sauce. It’s a tuna casserole pasta bake with a creamy sauce, full cream milk, sweet pops of corn and crunchy topping, baked until golden and bubbly.

9. Kaak Bi Halib – Lebanon

These milk-based cookies are shaped into rings. They have a soft  texture and a plain taste. Kids will love them as a snack.

10. Alfredo Sauce Pasta – Italy

The dish was so well known that di Lelio was invited to demonstrate it both in Italy and abroad. This recipe for Alfredo sauce combines cream cheese with milk, butter and garlic and tosses it with penne pasta.

These are some yummy delicious dishes, if you know more than this. Let's us know in the comments section below.