Beat the heat with these healthy foods
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Beat the heat with these healthy foods

It is essential that you keep your body cool and healthy during the summer

Beat the heat with these healthy foods

New Delhi: When the summer is at its extreme, beating the heat with these cooling food items can be good for the body. It is essential that you keep your body cool and healthy during the summer or else you will end up getting dehydrated and feeling tired all day.

“It is said that cooling food items help to clear heat and toxins from the  body, whereas the warming foods increase circulation and raise ‘qi,’  or vital energy,” explains Priyanka Bajaj, a certified health coach at Herbalife Nutrition in New Delhi.

She even added, “Eating very hot and spicy food is a contributing factor that gives rise to heat. So people who insist on consuming oily and fried food must be careful. In the field of Ayurveda, they often distinguish between foods that are hot in nature and those that have a cooling effect. Thus nuts must be avoided. Diets that are rich in proteins, especially for people who are fitness enthusiasts, must be controlled. Protein-rich foods are a storehouse of heat causing agents. Meat, eggs and cinnamon powder are all prime sources that can cause potential damage, leading to rise in body heat.”

Here is a list of food you can have to conquer the summer like a champ:

1. Watermelon

This super fresh fruit is one of the most loved summer fruits in India. Children love to have watermelon as such or as juice during sunny days. As watermelon contains 91.45 per cent water, it helps to keep your body hydrated. Watermelon also has antioxidant properties that give you a cooling effect after intake.

2. Cucumber

Another watery food that you can have during the hot days is cucumber. Cucumber can be used in many ways during the summer to cool your body. You can either eat raw or slice and use it in salads. The crunchiness of cucumber makes it another favourite food for kids during summer. Also, did you know that cucumber is 96 per cent water? Well, with them, you can bid adieu to dehydration.

3. Curd

Curd is an all-time favourite of Indians. Curd is another among the body cooling foods that can be used in many variations. You can either use it for making raita, salads, lassi or mix it with fruit juices to make smoothies. Curd taken in any form during summer is good for health and body.

4. Coconut water

If you are looking for a satiating and refreshing drink in the summer, then go for coconut water. This not-so-expensive drink is available in almost all fruit shops and highway shops. The cooling property of coconut water keeps your body fresh and is considered one of the best body cooling foods. It also contains essential nutrients and vitamins.

5. Mint

The cooling effect of mint is what makes it one of the demanded ingredients in the summer. Adding mint to the curd or raita gives you added cooling benefits. You can also prepare mint chutney and pair it with any bread or dosa. Mint keeps your body temperature cool and gives you a refreshing effect.

6. Lime water

There is nothing that can beat the feels you get while having lime water. Also, it’s super easy to make! All you need is a lemon, sugar and some cold water. A glass of lime water not only cools your body but also provides many health benefits.

7. Celery

If you are looking for some leafy vegetable on the list, then celery is a perfect choice. Celery significantly comprises water along with sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

8. Sabja or Basil Seeds

These little wonders are a great body coolant and help reduce body heat. They are high in fibre, a good source of minerals, rich in fibre and antioxidants, and are known to boost immunity and improve blood quality. They also aid in maintaining blood sugar levels.

9. Avocado

Avocados have the highest amount of monounsaturated fatty acids that help remove the toxins from the body. Also, there are a lot of fun recipes you can try making with Avocados.

10. Bananas

An excellent cooling fruit that gives you a satiating feeling for the day, bananas are good for the summers. They make you feel full and a glass of banana shake never hurt anyone.

These body cooling foods are nutritious and healthy and at the same time, tasty as well. You can take a break from junkies and get indulged in the healthiness of fresh fruits.
Stay Healthy.