Delhi-based YouTuber in soup for flying his dog in video
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Delhi-based YouTuber in soup for flying his dog in video

The video created huge outrage on social media

Delhi-based YouTuber in soup for flying his dog in video

New Delhi: A Delhi-based YouTuber had recently uploaded a video which created huge outrage on social media. The YouTuber has been arrested for making a video of his pet dog floating up in the air by tying hydrogen balloons on its back. The name of his channel is ‘GauravZone’. The dog's name is ‘Dollar’.

“The upper body has started flying a little,” Gaurav clarifies as he exhibits the demonstration by pulling up the series of inflatables, further lifting the dog. Presently he erased the video. A lot of bright hydrogen inflatables are attached to the dog's chest area.

He at that point prods the dog to run, saying it will fly not yet decided on the off chance that it runs. A lady is also seen holding the pet. Gaurav says they have attached two additional inflatables to it and that this could make it skim. In minutes, the canine is seen coasting away before the lady figures out how to grasp it.

In a similar video, the YouTuber sits on top of a four-wheeler in a tight road and flies Dollar not yet decided to utilize hydrogen inflatables. The dog is seen coasting up to an overhang on the second floor of a structure.

A body of evidence has been enrolled against Gaurav, who has more than 40,00,000 supporters on YouTube, is in south Delhi's Malviya Nagar police headquarters under different segments of the law.

Three days prior, he had put out a statement of regret video, clarifying why he erased the video. He said he had taken “all security means” prior to flying his pet.

“Before making the video, I had taken all the safety measures. I had said this in the video but did not upload this part as it would've increased the length of the video. It was a mistake on my part. All I want to say is that I had made the video with all the safety measures... wrong content went out and it should not have happened,” he said.

Then he added, “I apologise if you felt bad after watching the Dollar’s video. I won't try such things again. Those who're getting influenced by such things, please don't get influenced. If sentiments have been hurt, I truly seek your apology.”

Sujay Kumar, an animal liberation activist said, "What happened in Delhi is really bad and it has sparked outrage among people. It shows that most people have a sense of justice against animal abuse. Unfortunately, animal abuse and exploitation have been normalised in our society and some of it happens in front of us while the majority of it happens away from public view. Why do such incidents happen? The answer is speciesism.”

“Gaurav's behavior is a symptom of the system which has normalised discrimination and oppression towards non-human animals. We as children are not taught that all beings are equal. We are taught to love certain animals like dogs and cats and use and exploit other animals like chickens, cows, fishes, etc. He (Gaurav) looked at the dog as an object to get views and have some fun but in reality, the dog is an individual who is the same as us in the things that matter,” he added

He concludes, “We witness animal cruelty cases every single year. Some of it is even reported but if we really want to end animal abuse and oppression then we need to focus on ending speciesism.”