‘It's my father's dream that I become a successful dancer’
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‘It's my father's dream that I become a successful dancer’

Mehak has performed at state and national level dance competitions across the country

‘It's my father's dream that I become a successful dancer’

New Delhi: It is true, if you are willing to learn, no one can stop you. Whatever the situation is. Your dedication always matters. CitySpidey talked to a eleventh standard student, Mehek. She is an Odissi dancer and has  been learning classical and folk dance for five years.

A classical dance form is characterised by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. It is a theatrical presentation of a group or solo dancing to a musical  accompaniment, usually with costume and scenic effects, conveying a story or theme. Mehak is a perfect example of the combination of all these qualities. Her story suggests that nothing can stop you really when you try to be successful.

She lived with her family in Kotla Mubarakpur, Delhi. Mehak's father is an auto driver and her mother is doing a job in a parlor who helps her family financially. She has performed many state-level and national-level dance performances across the country.

In spite of her parents' low economical status, she never lost hope and was always a punctual and dedicated student. She has been successfully getting first class in her exams in classical dance in all her grade exams.

Mehak said, “I have a lot of interest in dance since my childhood and now I want to pursue my career as a dancer. My mother and father support me a lot. My father is an auto driver but during this pandemic period, he had to stop driving because of his cardiac and diabetes illness. Our situation was not good.”

"Now, we give our auto on rent and my mother does a job in the parlor. My teacher Atasi Misra helped us a lot and she charges half the fees for me and she always understands our problem. She supports me a lot. Apart from dance, I love to do singing and acting also. I also want to become an actor,” she added.

She concluded, “At the beginning, it was very difficult for me to understand this dance form as it was very tough but I started getting hold of it after so many practice sessions.”

CitySpidey talked to Mehak's mother Parvati, she said, “I support her so much and my dream is that one day she will become a good dancer. I work in a parlor near my house in Arjun Nagar. And her teacher Atasi Misra supports her a lot and if there is any problem related to fees, she always understands our problem.”

Her father, Ratan Singh said, “I support her in every possible way, I bought her new dance clothes and I drop her or pick her from classes. I always give my best and try to fulfil her wishes. I pay her fees on time. We don’t let our financial condition come in her way. She only has to focus on her career.”

Atasi Misra, the classical dancer and director of Kala Kalp Dance Group said, “She is one of my most obedient students. She is very loyal and transparent. Her trust level towards her Guru is very high. She never questions a single line if her guru has advised her to do so. One day she will be a star. My wishes are with her.”