Best documentaries raising awareness on climate change
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Best documentaries raising awareness on climate change

On Environment Day, let us get to know Mother Earth a little better

Best documentaries raising awareness on climate change

Over the past several years, climate change has become an increasingly prevalent and unavoidable issue in our everyday lives. As a growing number of people take the threat of global disaster seriously, we're turning to written reports, expert opinions, and heavily researched documentaries to not only help make sense of where we stand, but also to learn how we can help change course.

On Environment Day, let us get to know Mother Earth a little better, all from the comfort of your own home because, well, that's the only place you're allowed to go during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Here are five of the best environmental films covering topics including climate change, water ecosystems, the animal industry and sustainability:

1. Before The Flood (2017)

The movie, co-produced by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio in association with the National Geographic, explores a world in search of the effects  of global warming while offering a number of ways to fight its consequences.

From individual actions to the vote through a carbon tax, before the flood focuses on the different phenomena at stake because of climate change and it makes a good synthesis that raises awareness on people that don’t necessarily know the subject very well.

2. A Plastic Ocean

Ocean pollution linked to plastic is getting more and more news. There are now talks about a plastic continent (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch), while some studies show the multiplication of plastic residues on our plates, the degradation of marine biodiversity…

This British documentary covers the issues around the causes and consequences of plastic pollution.

3. 2040

Released in late 2019, 2040 looks very much like an Australian version of the film Tomorrow: it intends to explore alternatives for a more  sustainable future, ranging from ecological mobility to new forms of agriculture and animal farming.

4. Cowspiracy

The documentary which inspired a legion of vegans, Cowspiracy looks at the impact of animal agriculture and the way it influences environmental destruction through global warming, water wastage and  deforestation.

It’s a controversial watch, mainly because of the fact  that in recent years, some of its assertions have been disproved, (such as its claim that 51% of all greenhouse gases are produced by the industry), but it’s well worth watching for the valid question it raises over whether we really need to be eating so much meat.

5. How to change the world

Recounting the birth of activism mega group Greenpeace, this film explores the tipping point that led a group of young people to put everything on the line to halt atomic bomb experiments in Alaska. Centring on eco warrior and Greenpeace co-founder Robert Hunter, the film features previously unseen archive footage dating back to the early 1970s providing dramatic flare and encouraging viewers to consider what, if anything, has changed.

Happy Environment Day and keep your environment clean and healthy!