Me and my friends
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Me and my friends

Every year, National Best Friend Day is celebrated on June 8

Me and my friends

New Delhi: In the course of life, we meet certain people who become important parts of our lives, people with whom we experience all our firsts, we create and share our memories with, we become who we truly are and life without them just loses its essence. And the special one of the lot is the one we call our Best Friend, the person with whom we can just be who we truly are without any charades, we can take a leap of faith on, someone we know won’t ever judge us and will be there in the good and the bad. Today is the day to celebrate that person in our lives as today is National Best Friend Day.

In my case, that person happens to be my mother. She has always treated me like a friend and I have always shared everything with her. I think everyone’s first best friend is their mother.

From childhood to adulthood, I met so many people in my life, and at different stages, everyone has had their role to play in making me who I am today, however, a lot of such people were left behind as the life happened and a few of them stuck with me, the ones who are actually close to me.

Apart from my mother, I have another friend whom I can call best friend. Ishan Tonk is more like a brother. Our moms used to tease with the typical ‘Kumbh ke mele mein bichde judwa’ joke because we are inseparable. Also, I am just 8 days older than him.

I also remember that my mother always asked him about my secrets and he always denied, to which she would say, ‘look at their bhaichara’, it was so funny. We have been together since Nursery and were seat partners all the way till class 12th. We changed schools together after our class 9th and took admission in the same school and chose the same section.

Not only the school, we even went to the same tuition classes and after our 10th, we chose the same subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths. However, after 12th, we had to make a choice for our futures, he chose to do BCA and I chose journalism. I came to Delhi for my graduation and now, I miss him so much. Even though we are so far, our bond has only grown stronger.

In 2019, I came to Delhi, a completely new place for me and here I met so many new faces. People who I thought were weird initially are the ones who actually became my friends here. On my first day of college, we introduced ourselves to our lecturer and told her why we chose journalism. I and some other girl, we both said that we wanted to become an anchor. I was sitting on the last bench and she sat on first and I tried to see her face. I was furious inside because she was a competition for me.

Her name is Ravneet Kaur and she was my arch enemy in the starting days of college, there was this cut throat competition and we just wanted to beat each other and with time, well she became my best friend in this college life. It makes me laugh how both of us, who wouldn’t even talk to each other with a straight face, are now such close friends.

I remember that at our college freshers’ party, we hosted together and our journey started from there. She has always inspired me. She is the one who inspired me to join our college theatre society and I have learnt a lot because of that. She has been there for me, not just like a friend, but a mentor as well.

There are so many events that we have hosted together and everytime I learn something new. We always work together, travel together, and learn together. If she fills any form for an audition or some interview, she makes sure that I do too. She even motivated me to start writing.

I remember that there was an event in our college which we had to host together and I was not having a good day and decided to call it quits, but she said “you will do this” and told me how capable I am.

Once, Muhammad Ali said, “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” And yes, I proudly say that I have friends whom I can lean on to, no matter what the situation is.