My father is my 'superhero'
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My father is my 'superhero'

When he was two years old, his mother died and his father left the house

My father is my 'superhero'

New Delhi: Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. For me, if anyone asks me to express father in one word then I will say 'Superhero'. Yes, my father is my superhero. He always teaches me how to help someone selflessly. I admire my father because his struggles taught me everything and he struggled to give me and my family the best of life.

From being a child to an adult, he faced so many problems. When he was two years old, his mother (my grandmother) died and his father (my grandfather) left the house. My father and his siblings were brought up at the house of his father’s brother.

After his 12th standard, he left his house and tried to explore new things. He always had an interest in the automobile industry and he had attended a workshop on repairing automobiles. He had set up his own shop. At one point, he suffered a huge loss and had to shut the shop. He had to get back to his home town with me and my mother.

My mother sent me to live with her brother because she thought I'd have access to better facilities. My father used to work in his elder brother’s factory. After so much of hard work, he learned many things related to the cloth industry and opened his own factory in Delhi. I remember how I used to visit my father at his factory with my maternal uncle during my holidays.

On every Diwali or during my summer holidays, I used to visit my father’s factory. Later, he picked me up to take me to my home town where my mother was waiting for me. He loved soft drinks most and he always brought few soft drinks for me too.

I remember my mother said that when my father opened his new cloth factory, he was very happy. After few years, my father brought me, my sister, and my mother to Delhi. Delhi had a fast paced life, which was good and also bad at the same time. My father admitted me and my sister to the costliest school in that area. It was too costly but we knew that he being a father doesn’t care about the expenses when it comes to giving best to the family.

I remember a dark and scary night when I was in 7th standard. There was a short-circuit in my father’s factory. It was the worst night ever. On that night, maybe I could have lost my father. He was stuck in between fire and got unconscious. Some helpers helped my mother to save my father’s life.

It was the first day in my life when I saw my father crying. He cried a lot and he did not eat food for two days. Everything turned into ashes. It was too distressing as he had poured his heart into building the factory. I remember that my father said that he started his work with only five machines  and increased them to 30 machines, now they all turned into ashes. Whenever I remember that night, my eyes become teary.

After that incident, my father was not able to pay the fees for our school and rent. Then we migrated to my mother’s town, where she was brought up. Then he started stitching pillow covers and started driving to feed us. With his hard work, he again opened his new cloth factory. He started manufacturing leggings and palazzos.

He always asked me, “Why don’t you open up with me? Is it because you are a 'Maa Ka Laadla'?” Sometimes he asked me whether I have a girlfriend. It always looked very funny when he asked these questions.

My father taught me how to help someone selflessly. He is also a very strict and punctual person. As he was son of a doctor, he always took care of all of us like he is the only doctor in the world. He  has a knowledge of everything related to medicine. He wakes up quite early in the morning at 4.30 am every day. He expects the same from me. He becomes furious if I don't get up by 8 am and scolds me like I have made the biggest mistake of my life.

Everyone told me that my father did so much of hard work and I will have to earn a better living to give him a relaxed life. Yes, I will do it for sure.