Indian DJs whose efforts are pushing EDM in mainstream
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Indian DJs whose efforts are pushing EDM in mainstream

Perhaps the modern day EDM artists have found a way to remix all kinds of music no matter what

Indian DJs whose efforts are pushing EDM in mainstream

New Delhi: Who would know that Bollywood music will someday metamorphose into fast-paced electronic music. The Bollywood music was known to be melodious since the Golden Era. But perhaps the modern day Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artists have found a way to remix all kinds of music no matter what. Many DJs have come to the fore and they are remixing literally anything. They are rising to fame with the support of people. It has happened also with the rising popularity of EDM all across the world.

But the Indian DJs are finding a way to make music which retains the melody of the songs and as well makes them as contemporary as possible. Of course, the trend of remixing old songs started gaining popularity in 90s. But DJs have taken the remixing to another heights at present. The remixes are very much in tune with the present demands of people who want let loose to EDM. The DJ parties are happening at all the places including the family functions, college fests etc. With the rise of many DJs, the clubs and discotheques have so much to offer. Even the music channels 9XM and MTV Beats have their slots fixed for EDM music. Normally, they play them during the weekend.

CitySpidey has compiled a list of prominent Indian DJs on whose beats you would like to groove.

DJ Chetas

DJ Chetas is one of the most popular DJs in India. He has 1.07 M followers on YouTube. Over the years, he has produced many remixes and mashups. He often comes up with new remixes which people like instantly. He started his career with Bollywood mashups. He also hosted 'House of Dance' show on 9XM, which became very popular. DJ Chetas also features on DJ MAG Top 100 DJs list. He has also composed songs for Bollywood movies. His prominent mashups are Cocktail mashup, the breakup mashup and yeh jawani hai deewani mashup. There are many remixes of him which has garnered more that 1 M views on YouTube. He is a highly respected DJ who is known to create good remixes.


Nikhil Sahani a.k.a. DJ NYK has come a long way and is now a star DJ in India. He has 865K followers on YouTube. He is producing all kinds of EDM, ranging from psychedelic to podcasts to party remixes and also Lo-Fi remixes. Often his videos garner multi-million views on YouTube. His remixes receive good response from people. DJ NYK loves to keep the essence of the original song in tact while remixing. Even his EDM look pleasing to the ears. He loves doing remixes of Bollywood, Punjabi and English songs. He is also popularly called the 'King of Remixes'. He is one who made podcasts popular in India. He gets huge love from EDM fanatics. He also chooses very pleasing locations for shooting his podcasts. Normally, they are shot amid the nature. Some of his podcasts were shot at Lake Pichola in Udaipur and Kerala backwaters. He had also chosen Ben Böhmer tracks for his podcasts. Often you would also listen voices of Sadhguru and Gulzar mixed in his podcasts.

DJ Dalal London

Here is one DJ who is quite enthusiastic about remixing melodious 90s songs. He has 292K subscribers on YouTube. DJ Dalal London often comes up with peppy remixes. He remixed many popular 90s songs like Dil Mein Sanam Ki Soorat, Dil Kehta Hai, Chand Se Parda, Sajan Sajan Teri Dulhan, Bin Tere Sanam, Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka, Mera Chand Mujhe, Tu Meri Zindagi Hai, Husn Hai Suhana and what not. He even remixed very old songs like Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar. Not only that he is into remixing Bhojpuri songs. Apart from that, he is also quite passionate about remixing contemporary songs.

DJ Shadow Dubai

DJ Shadow is also among one of the most prominent DJs who produces Indian EDM. He has 1.7 M followers on YouTube. He has produced many mashups and remixes which are very popular among people. Many of his videos have garnered more than a million views. His popular songs include Breakup Mashup 2019,  Breakup Mashup 2018, Kabir Singh Mashup, Yeh Dooriyan Remix, High Rated Gabru Remix, Kangna 2017 Remix, Saat Samundar etc.

Don't forget to play these DJs at your parties and enjoy the best of EDM!