80s fashion: A need to look back to invent new fashion trends
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80s fashion: A need to look back to invent new fashion trends

The 80s have been a golden period, not only in terms of movies but fashion as well

80s fashion: A need to look back to invent new fashion trends

Moving forward sometimes requires looking back as well. Yes, that is true. 

The 80s have been a golden period, not only in terms of Indian movies but fashion as well. People then watched movies, got inspired and later implemented the fashion styles and trends in their lives. 

And those people are your grandmothers or mothers. So do dig out the best outfits from their fashion treasure and make them a part of your wardrobe.

We have curated a list of trending outfits of the 80s. Check out these types of outfits in your elder's closet and voila! you have an entirely different range of clothes. 

  • Floral 

Be it a print of big lilies or small bougainvilleas, those 80s floral prints are still continuing even today in sarees, dupattas, dresses etc. This 80s trend is so simple yet classy that from a celebrity to a common person, anyone can carry it flawlessly. Just the flowers can add all the radiance to your look without any effort. 

  • Churidars

In today's world of leggings, palazzos, or flared pants, the invention of churidars was a timeless gift. If you do not like to wear tight leggings in the summers, churidars are an alternative for ladies who are in love with ethnic wear. 

  • Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms made a hit re-entry in the 20s and it was exactly the same time when people were bored with jeans or pants. Bell bottoms not only turned out to be a party piece for women but also a professional outfit too. Bell bottoms are now a versatile outfit that is totally in demand. 

  • Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves were mostly seen in dresses in 80s movies. If you remember, in the song "Ek Main Aur Ek Tu", actress Neetu Singh was donning a beautiful dress which had bell sleeves. Since then many experiments have been done and bell sleeves now exist in blouses, tops, and kurtas. 

  • Puff sleeves 

Earlier puff sleeves came in blouses but now they are present in dresses or tops as well. These puff sleeves led many designers to work on them and introduce them in other fashion staples. This particular sleeve still has the vogue to add flair in a simple look. 

  • Bandanas 


Bandana is a triangular piece of cloth converted into a headscarf for long treks, winter season, or for a sweaty day. India adopted this trend from foreign countries during the 80s to give a cool chic look. It is a fashion accessory that can be used when you want to head to a party, shopping, trip, etc. 

  • Polka dots

Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman lead to the spread of polka dots amongst Indian women. Polka dot look is bright, loud and can be used to dress from head to toe. 

Try to add these outfits to your wardrobe and then style it when modern-day fashion staples. You can thank us later!