Small fashion businesses get creative with face masks
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Small fashion businesses get creative with face masks

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression

Small fashion businesses get creative with face masks

New Delhi: Many of our everyday fashion staples that we take for granted were once rooted in utility. Jeans were designed as a solution to miners’ needs for durable work-wear. Pants were adopted by women when they  entered the workforce in WWI. And the invention of casual sportswear coincided with the new fast-paced lifestyles of Americans in the 1970s. So while face masks are now being adopted to reduce the spread of COVID-19, they’re quickly becoming an everyday fashion accessory here to stay.

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression. As face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them

1. Florida by Jacqueline Gurung

These are hand embroidered mask and are made with adequate hygiene and care. They
can be customised and you can add on the chains as well which are acrylic and ecofriendly (not plastic).


2. Kadhaee

These are cotton and hand embroidered mask. There are lots of amazing catchy line mask and some marvel mask available too.



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3. Kavach mask

Mask and Multiple Style solution.

Kavach has brought to you a range of customised and stylish face covers, full and half face covers masks for your outing needs. Beat the heat and protect yourself from viruses and pollution with their Kavach 2.5 mm filter replacement to avoid viruses entry. Full face & half face cover.
There are multiple style options while you are not wearing it as mask and comfortable material to suit you skin types.



4. Make me up fashionably

They have cotton and silk mask in ruffle designs with beautiful mint, lilac summery colours. Chic and fun to wear.



Let's support small business and buy beautiful hand embroidered mask from them. Everyone wear a mask and stay safe.