How to keep your home free from pests
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How to keep your home free from pests

Pest control is a very neglected task in India until the damage is done by the pests

How to keep your home free from pests

New Delhi: Pests like cockroaches, spiders, termites etc are not only dangerous for our homes but are hazardous to our health. To control the entry of pests in our houses, pest control is an easy and effective option to follow.

Abhishek Ranakoti, Dynamic Pest Control, New Delhi said, “Pest control is a very neglected task in India until the damage is done by the pests. But it is a necessary activity to do. Nowadays wooden work is present everywhere, for example in houses and hotel industry. Once the wooden work is done, termite may start growing on it. People then forget about the pest control for wood until the wood is eaten by the termite. When people call us, we can only prevent the further damage but cannot bring that expensive wooded work back.|

Narpendra Singh, Bharat Pest Control Services, New Delhi said, “Pest control not only kills the pests but the viruses or tiny insects present in the houses.”

But before this, it is your duty to keep your house clean and disease free. So read the following tips carefully.

Always keep the kitchen clean

Keep your kitchen clean. Kitchen is that area of the house, where a variety of pests exists. Pests get attracted to the dirty atmosphere and if your kitchen is dirty, then you need to worry.

For regular care of your kitchen, clean the kitchen with an effective disinfectant. Never leave food crumbs on the kitchen slab and if you do, clean the slab with disinfectant. Wash both utensils and sink everyday.

This will help you to limit the entry of pests inside the house.

Ranakoti said, “Wherever there is food, the pest and rodents will attack. So to maintain the proper hygiene in the kitchen, timely pest control is required.”

Keep the bathroom clean

After the kitchen, your bathroom has to be clean and dry. It is very important to use toilet cleaner on alternate days. Wash the wash basin daily. Always check the drain, so that the bathroom is not clogged with hair and soap particles.

Make sure there is no stagnant water near your house.

If you are living in a locality where there are many open drains, then be careful. Dirty water inside the drains is the house of many mosquitoes, especially in the monsoon season. Also, all the buckets in the tubs have to be kept dry. If your air conditioner eliminates water, throw that water out every morning.

Ranakoti said, “Water clogging happens during monsoon. Flies and mosquitoes start increasing day by day and spread diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Pest control is necessary during these days to kill these pests and eradicate these diseases.”

Clean your garden

If you have a garden or the large area of your house is dedicated to plants, then take some time out from your Sunday and clean that area. Many insects are attracted to plants and grass and hence can enter your home.

Do not keep fruits and vegetables out

Whenever you buy fruits and vegetables, do not keep them on the dining table for a long time. Also, the rotten fruits and vegetables have to be thrown away as soon as possible because they attract ants and house flies.

Throw the garbage daily

Those who leave for the office early in the morning, make sure that garbage from your house is disposed off regularly. Garage can attract rodents and cockroaches in your house after its prolonged accumulation.

Throw the things you do not use anymore

Declutter, declutter and declutter!

If your store room is filled with unnecessary items, throw them out. The layer of dust will definitely attract germs in the house. These items could be toys, strollers, bicycles, bags, luggage, shoes, packaging material, old school books etc.

Ranakoti explained the following important points:

  • Prices of pest control depend on the area and also on what kinds of pest control services one wants to prefer. There are services like urban pest control, herbal pest control, chemical pest control and others.
  • Pest control standards are decided by the World Health Organization. Only WHO approved chemicals should be used. Always take services from a good pest control company as they will provide genuine services of government and WHO recommended chemicals.
  • Pest control services should be done on a regular basis after every three to four months. Also, after pest control, maintaining hygiene is a people's responsibility. If they will not maintain the house well and keep it dirty, then there is no use of pest control. So maintain it.

Singh added, “People should stay outside the house for three to four hours after the pest control is done in their house, for their safety. Pests get killed after one or one and a half hours. Even if there are no insects and pests in the houses, always do pest control in the houses after three months. If the house is dirty and extremely dirty, do pest control monthly and weekly, respectively.”

So while decorating your house with the best decor pieces, think of pest control as well.