Don’t throw those unused mugs away, not yet
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Don’t throw those unused mugs away, not yet

Convert your unused mugs into flower pots

Don’t throw those unused mugs away, not yet

Besides buying flowerpots, you can also use ceramic cups that you don’t need any more in your life. Not only will money, but you’ll also be able to make something with your creativity. Mugs and cups which aren't used much in your home can be converted into beautiful DIY masterpieces. 

You can use them to grow plants, which is also an environment-friendly choice. We share some tips on how to grow flowers in idle cups and save money as well. 

Here’s the deal with these coffee mug planters. A while back it was my sister’s turn to do the dishes. “Mom, do we REALLY need all these mugs?" She asked. She counted almost two dozen and took them to her house and turned them into mug plants.

DIY ingredients needed:

1. Assorted ceramic mugs
2. Assorted succulents
3. Drill with a bit for ceramics (I used the Rockwell 3rill 3-in-1 Drill)
4. Cactus soil
5. Spray bottle with water
6. Goggles

To make these coffee mug planters you’ll need to make holes in the bottom of the mugs. For succulents, it isn’t mandatory; you just have to tip the mug after watering to release excess water. But if you are using the mugs for other plants, you’ll need to drill holes.

Start with a cheap mug for practice! Set it upside down on a towel. Spray the area you are going to drill with water. Using a glass or diamond tip bit, start at an angle and make a little notch in the centre of the bottom of the mug. Spray the area again with water, then continue until the hole is drilled. Be careful and wear goggles!

Once you have the hole drilled, fill the mug halfway with the cactus soil mix. Now it’s time to plant! Carefully remove the succulent from the container. Be gentle!

Set it inside the mug on top of the soil and fill the mug with more soil until all the roots are covered. Spray with water. Succulents are great, sturdy plants. They love sunlight and don’t have to be watered too much.

You will love that grouped together, these make for a really bold and colourful statement. They are wonderful for gifting purposes as well!