Multipoint power connection process expedited at Supertech Capetown
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Multipoint power connection process expedited at Supertech Capetown

A detailed discussion took place between PVVNL officials and AOA of the society

Multipoint power connection process expedited at Supertech Capetown

Noida: Officials of Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (PVVNL) on Sunday met with the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) and residents of Supertech Capetown, a residential high-rise in Sector 74, Noida, to discuss conversion of single-point power connection to a multipoint connection.

The team of PVVNL was led by Junior Engineer RM Verma. In the meeting, officials said that according to the policy set by the Uttar Pradesh government, electricity will be distributed directly to all flats whose owners will apply for connection. They will have to apply for a direct connection by paying Rs 20,720. The officials said that within the next 75 to 90 days, the single-point  power connection will be converted  to a multipoint connection.

CitySpidey talked to Arun Sharma, AOA president. “Consumers will get a new meter with a guarantee of five years and a direct connection of minimum 5 KW to maximum 25 KW. With the multipoint connection, flat owners will have to shell out lesser money. For a direct connection, electricity charges will range between Rs 5.50 per unit to Rs 7.00 per unit. There is also a provision of 2 per cent on advance recharge," he said.

“The builder is charging electricity at the rate of Rs 7.70 per unit. These are exorbitant charges, especially when we want to increase the power load whereas it is very less under the direct connection arrangement,” Sharma added.

Sharing the details about the application process for a direct connection, he said, “Within 3-4 days, the application forms for direct connections will be distributed among the residents. The work will commence after that.”