Donation drive for needy organised in Noida
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Donation drive for needy organised in Noida

People donated many items during the drive

Donation drive for needy organised in Noida

Noida: Ecotroop foundation on Thursday organised a donation drive in Noida. People donated the things which were of no use for them and whatever they wanted to give to the needy.

People donated clothes, glass bottles, any type of plastic, newspapers etc. It also included empty washed milk packets, polybags, plastic bottles, beer bottles, old cartons, books, electronic waste except for tube light.

The donation was for the needy who live in remote areas. The residents of many societies like Prateek Wisteria, JM Orchid, Supertech Capetown, Grand Ajnara Heritage, Hawelia Valencia, Antriksh Golf View 2 took part in the donation drive. They mainly donated clothes and books.

Gaurav Dutt, the founder of the foundation said, “This donation drive started with the collection of plastic waste which is normally eaten by the street animal and cows. We collected the plastic waste and gave it for recycling. We purchased food for the cows.”

He said, “We are collecting all the items which are waste for you but it will be very helpful for the needy. The donation drive was for people belonging to remote areas and tribal people like in Jharkhand or Odisha. There are many NGOs that are in my contact, they contacted me simultaneously and we helped the needy.”

“The donation drive received a very good response from the people but I faced many problems in getting entry into the societies,” he added.