RESIDENT SPEAK: Social media answers call for blood donation
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RESIDENT SPEAK: Social media answers call for blood donation

Community comes together to donate blood for a woman in Dwarka

RESIDENT SPEAK: Social media answers call for blood donation

Dwarka: Almost a week ago, I got to know that wife of my friend Madhav Pandey, an ex-Air Force employee and a resident of Studio Apartments in Sector 16B, Dwarka, was in dire need of blood platelets.

She is a gastro cancer patient, who was admitted to Venkateshwar Hospital. There was a requirement of an A-ve blood group which is not easy to find. I thought of sharing the message in resident groups of Dwarka on WhatsApp.

I posted an appeal for blood donation in those groups and also on social media platforms for the same.

It was heartwarming to see many come forward to help her. Many also visited Venkateshwar Hospital and donated their blood. This was a great gesture from the community in Dwarka as they stood up for the support to save a life.

On the request posted by me on social media, Lalita from Dwarka Federation, Jaiprakash, Manish Singh, and Advocate Rakesh Tripathi donated blood. They are all residents of Dwarka.

Many other people, who visited the hospital, were not found fit for donation because of low platelet levels. Although donations were made, the requirement has still not been fulfilled. However, with the response I have been getting, I'm certain that the requirement will be met soon.

It was only after I had posted this appeal on social media that I realised the power of such platforms in today's time and age. Moreover, it also made people aware of their blood's condition, especially the ones who were found unfit for donation.

I feel that such posts must be circulated to help the community and to make people aware about their own health too.

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