Why you need to apply sunscreen at home
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Why you need to apply sunscreen at home

We protect our skin from sun rays, but what about the blue light?

Why you need to apply sunscreen at home

Did you apply sunscreen?

Generally we hear these words whenever we step out of the house in summers.

We protect our skin from sun rays, but what about the blue light? 

Dr Mudasir Rashid Khan, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Sanjeevani Hospital, Jasola, New Delhi, said, “Blue light is emitted from digital screens like computer, phone, tablet, and television.” Blue light is one of the lights of the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is visible to human eye. 

Since the lockdown began, our screen time has increased. Not only work but because we tend to spend time watching movies or series as well. Nowadays even kids are dependent on phones or laptops for studying and for playing. 

“Blue light affects the skin in two ways. It increases the production of melanin which can lead to melasma or pigmentation. It can create free radicals which cause inflammation of the skin. Also, this can cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin (two proteins in the skin) of the skin and hence skin aging,” said Dr Khan.

Which sunscreen should be applied?

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Right sunscreens not only protects us from the ultraviolet rays while we are outside but from the blue light coming from the screens. 
Dr Khan mentioned two notable points:

•“The best sunscreen for indoors is the one containing titanium oxide or zinc oxide which is a physical sunscreen and protects us from blue light.”
•“When you are inside the room, apply sunscreen but less frequently than outside.”

Khan explained how blue light affects skin and eyes. She said, “Our eyes can have an increased risk of macular degeneration (an eye disease that can lead to vision loss) if exposed to blue light too much.”

Studies have shown that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells of the retina of the eyes and cause early aging.

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Khan also said that too much exposure to blue light leads to sleep disruptions, eye strain, and dry eyes.  

“Our skin can have premature aging and early pigmentation, which can be both immediate and persistent within just three months of too much exposure to blue light. This is seen both in fair skinned and coloured skinned people”, added Khan.

So start applying sunscreen not only when you are outdoors but indoors as well.