Are period cramps normal?
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Are period cramps normal?

Period pain is not normal, there can be reasons for it

Are period cramps normal?

It is very important to educate everyone about different types of period pain to make them a bit more bearable. Stay quiet, don't cry, behave normally, don't let male(s) in the family know and whatnot are women asked to do, just to hide this pain. But why are we taught to not make a big deal of period's pain?  Period cramps are normal and for a lot of women, they are very severe.

"I experience awful period pain every month, it's so bad and I can't rely on anything, nothing works. Because of my irregular cycle, I don’t know when my periods are going to arrive and I am totally unprepared every month because of this. Periods have hit me at places and times which were not expected and in such situations, I can’t really do much about the cramps that I experience at such times," said Nikita.

"I don't feel much pain during my periods, it's just normal pain in my back. But my elder sister goes through very bad cramps every month. She can't even stand. I remember one incident when we went shopping but then my sister's periods hit and we had to go to the hospital since it was really  bad", said Sakshi.

Though period pain is normal, reasons behind it must be looked into to stay cautious. There are many types of pain women may experience in their menstrual cycle. Some women experience pain so terrible that it might even require hospitalisation, so think before you ignore your severe cramps and period pain.

Let's read about some of the causes of Period pain:-

Magnesium deficiency: This leads to cramping of the uterine muscles
Oestrogen excess: This leads to heavy menstrual bleeding
Inflammatory diets: This can also be a reason for the pain in the uterus
Zinc deficiency: This leads to heightened sensitivity to pain

If your period cramps are due to nutrition imbalance or any related issue then first work on that by increasing the intake of anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, ginger and omega 3 fatty acids, this can help you to curb your pain.
It is very important to be informed about why you are having these severe period cramps. Ask your doctor about this, keep track of your periods with the help of a period tracking app, notepad, pen or anything. Don't just use painkillers to curb your pain, step out and get your check-up done.