World Menopause Day: Be thoughtful for women going through menopause
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World Menopause Day: Be thoughtful for women going through menopause

A healthy, active lifestyle can help with some menopause symptoms

World Menopause Day: Be thoughtful for women going through menopause

There's come a time in every women's life when she experiences menopause. While it may sound like just another hormonal reaction of woman body, it really isn't that simple to go through menopause. There are a lot of hormonal changes the body goes through, which not only affects women's body physically but also takes a mental toll on her. At such a time, it becomes crucial to take special care of such women, who could be your mother, your sister or your wife. On the occasion of World  Menopause Day, we are here to help you wit what you can do to help women going through menopause around you-

Take heed of them
The key is communication. Query them regarding their feelings or the difficulties they are facing. It's critical to remember that not everyone may want to discuss specific symptoms or emotions. Additionally, remember that each person's menopause is unique, so refrain from assuming what they are going through. However, letting them know you're available would reassure them.

Make her feel lovely
When a woman is going through menopause, it tends to make them feel less feminine. Some people lament losing their reproductive capacity. Even if they continue with their usual food and exercise regimens, some people may notice their weight gradually increasing. The combination of the hormonal changes and the ongoing heat flashes makes for one sweaty, miserable woman. Reminding your wife, mother, sister or anyone else going through menopause that she looks fantastic will help her feel better.

Assistance with their signs
A healthy, active lifestyle can help with some menopause symptoms. Taking a walk, swimming, or doing yoga could be beneficial. Altering how you interact with one another or socialize can be beneficial if you want to lessen the symptoms of menopause. This includes cutting back on drinking and stopping smoking. For instance, prepare a healthy supper with your friends instead of heading out to a bar. You can also discuss with them the therapy alternatives their GP  recommends. If necessary, they might even value your company or support while they visit the doctor.

A healthy sexual life and closeness
The hormone changes during menopause can cause women to lose their libido or sex drive. It can be highly upsetting for them and their partner if they discover they no longer desire to have sex. Other signs that may reduce sex desire include:

  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort that makes penetrative sex uncomfortable or painful.
  • Night sweats affect sleep and energy for sex.
  • Emotional changes can make someone feel too stressed or upset about sex.

Motivate them
Their self-esteem may be poor at such a time and they may not feel like doing the  activities they typically would. Encouragement from others can boost their confidence and give them a sense of power. It will also give them chances to feel good about themselves even while they're suffering symptoms if you invite them to interact with various individuals or hobbies.

Don't question or undervalue her experience
Menopause symptoms, including the emotional ones of despair and anxiety, are genuine. The worst thing anyone can say to a menopausal woman is to deny her experience or tell her, "It's all in your head."  Have her back, offer a safe space, recognize that she's doing the best she can and support her in being the most excellent version of herself.