Street foods that are safe and healthy to eat
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Street foods that are safe and healthy to eat

Many fulfil your cravings and benefit your health too

Street foods that are safe and healthy to eat

Craving some street food but can’t eat because you're currently on a diet? Do you know that there are numerous tasty street foods that you can simply enjoy without ruining your diet? Street foods are famous for being oily and filled with calories. However, not all street foods are bad for your health, as many of them will fulfil your cravings and can also benefit your health.

Here are some popular street foods that are perfect for those that are following a diet.

Shakarkandi (sweet potato)


This tangy and savoury street food snack is a guilt-free replacement for fried aloo tikki. Street chaat wallahs boil the potatoes and then toss the smoky cubes in a special blend of ‘chaat’ spices and chutney. Sweet potato fries are the tastiest and healthy street food to relish.

Masala corn

Credit: VegeCravings

Boiled corn loaded with different types of spices is the perfect snack to enjoy during the monsoon season. This delicious snack is prepared with boiled corn. This street food is made by boiling the snack and then mixing it with juice, green chilli, onion, tomato, chaat masala, red chilli powder, cumin powder and garam masala powder. Enjoy your healthy masala corn street food.


Credit: whiskaffairs

Besan cheela is prepared with yellow moong dal. The batter is prepared with soaked moong dal, which is then mixed with spices and veggies like onion, tomato and capsicum. The cheela batter is whisked for some time until it becomes fluffy. The batter is then poured into a small pan and cooked until it’s crispy from both sides. Pair it with green chutney and enjoy your cheela which is crisp from the outside and soft from inside. It is rich in protein, making it a perfect for when following a weight-loss diet.

Idli sambar

Credit: Tickling Palates

South India's staple idli has made its way to the Northern part of India as a street food. Idli is made with rice and urad dal, which provides you with protein, wholesomeness, and long-lasting energy. The idli is steamed and has no added ingredients. It is accompanied by sambar or coconut chutney, both of which also have healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Chana chaat

Credit: I knead to eat

This tangy and savoury chickpea salad is the healthiest amongst the streets. The chaat is an excellent way to lose a couple of kilos if you eat it for breakfast and lunch. The chaat is made with boiled chana mixed with spices and veggies.

Enjoy your street food today and let us know your favourite ones in the comment box below!