Evergreen formal men's shoes to deck up your wardrobe
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Evergreen formal men's shoes to deck up your wardrobe

Formal shoes are a must-have item in a man's wardrobe

Evergreen formal men's shoes to deck up your wardrobe

Good shoes it is said are like a make-up for your feet.

Whether you wish to crack a job interview, ace up during a multinational conference or choose a perfect match for your tuxedo formal shoes are a mandatory item in a man's closet. Choosing the right formal shoes can make you stand out both in your personal as well as professional life.

CitySpidey picks the finest pair of trending formal shoes that a man should own to get that ‘classy’ gentleman look.

Having a few pairs of versatile formal shoes to your collection can help you pick and choose what you wear everyday.  Formal shoes come in varied colours to different styles and materials as well. Choosing the right formal shoes can be a tough task from deciding what to wear to the colour to choose. What style should one pick to coordinate with your outfit? Should it be more casual or have a more dressy look? We all have these endless questions before deciding what are the right type of formal shoes that could be added to the wardrobe.  

While men's shoe styles are versatile when it comes to design, here are 6 classic designs that are preferred by men since ages:

Oxford shoes

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Oxfords shoes are timeless formal shoes for men. They have a streamlined design featuring closed lacing and a narrow side view, they offer a sharp and sleek look with a low heel. You can find them easily and can be paired for office or any formal event day as well.

Blucher shoes/ Derby shoes

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Derby/ Blucher shoes were worn by soldiers however they evolved with time. These formal shoes have open lacing and slight heel offering a sporty accent and a relaxed fit. They are considered to be the most comfortable formal shoes. They share similarities with the oxford shoes, although the oxfords are used mainly for aesthetic purposes and derbies are more comfortable and preferred over oxfords. You can easily wear them for your daily office run.

Brogue Shoes

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Brogue shoes are fancier than oxfords or derby with decorative holes unlike the other plain formal shoes. These decorative holes on the brogue were originally designed to drain out the water but now they are styled for their edgy look. There are semi-brogue and are also available widely with decorative holes on the side of the panels. These brogues are suitable to wear to the office as well as to the party.

Monk Strap Shoes

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Monk strap shoes are unique & catchy formal shoes with versatile slip-on shoes that are similar to oxford shoes but since they come with a strap instead of the lace, it gets easier to style them. It is very easy to wear them and these shoes are perfect for formal, semi-casual, and casual occasions.


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These are the easiest yet commonly used slip-on which are used as formal shoes, they are available in a huge variety like horse-bit loafers, tasselled loafers, or penny loafers that you can style according to the event. Loafers are considered to be much cooler than heavy lace-ups and are ideal for the Indian summer climate. They can be worn everywhere from casual to formal events.

Chukka Boots

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Chukka boots are rounded at the toe with open lacing and a limited number of eyelets. They are low boots that provide a soft and casual yet formal style than other varieties of boots to be considered under the formal category. These rounded toe boots have a comfortable fit. They offer a casual and dressy and casual design element for a shoe that you’ll feel truly comfortable in. You can wear them to a formal as well as to a casual event.

Let your shoes leave an impression!