Sit back and stabilise your Yin-Yang
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Sit back and stabilise your Yin-Yang

Meditation gives a sense of relaxation and harmony for overall well-being

Sit back and stabilise your Yin-Yang

Meditation is an ancient tradition that is still practiced all over the world. It offers a sense of relaxation and harmony that involves deep thinking and focusing on one’s mind for some time. This technique has different types and religious teachings that are practiced over the world. These days, this technique is getting popular since it comes with so many benefits that help to soothe our mind and body from our everyday hectic schedules.

Research suggests that meditation is beneficial for long relief and to fight chronic illnesses. This practice helps in improving overall physical and emotional health. It can be done in pin-drop silence, with the help of chanting, and in many more ways to evoke relaxation but there is no “perfect way” of meditating. However, you can always go around and try different types of meditation.

Yoga meditation

This meditation practice, also called yoga, roots back to ancient India. Yoga has a variety of styles involving a series of postures and breathing practices that promote flexibility and mental stability. These poses are done with balance and concentration.

Mindfulness meditation

The mindfulness meditation technique is the process of being present, activating and working with your thoughts. It is the process of being aware of where we are and what we are doing and balancing our thoughts in moderation about what is happening around us. This type of meditation can be done anywhere & anytime and even while you’re at work or doing chores. The practitioner has to sit quietly with their eyes closed while focusing on their breathing, observing the thoughts and emotions without being judgemental about them. 

Progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation, also known as body scan meditation, encourages people to identify and scan their bodies. This allows us to notice the areas of tension in our body and allows it to release. The practitioner starts from focusing from the end of their body, usually feet and continues till head. It helps people to focus and create tension in their muscles and then helps them to release it. It helps to calm and relax the chronic pain of the body. People usually perform this technique to help them sleep.

Breath awareness meditation

This technique is a type of mindful meditation, encouraging mindful breathing. The practitioner breathes slowly and deeply while counting their breaths. The goal is to focus on breathing and ignore negative thoughts. Breath awareness reduces anxiety, improves concentration and emotional flexibility. 

Yin-Yang meditation

This type of meditation focuses on breathing and it helps in uniting the yin and yang energy. From the upper body (yang) to the lower body (yin), the yang energy goes up from the person’s head while the yin energy goes down to the person’s feet. The natural separation of these two yin-yang energies is found in the human body and this technique reunites and restores a healthy balance to the body.

Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is also known as Metta meditation. This technique is used to strengthen feelings of kindness and love for oneself and others. It involves opening the mind to receive love from others and sending well-wishes to others. It's typically practiced while sitting in a comfortable, relaxed position and with deep breaths with closed eyes and focusing on the positive energy and thoughts. This type of meditation is good for the people who often feel unloved and resentment.