Deck up your home entrance with a stylish nameplate
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Deck up your home entrance with a stylish nameplate

Gone are the days of a ‘simple name plate’

Deck up your home entrance with a stylish nameplate

One of the only home décor properties that complete your home is a nameplate. Most importantly, buying a new house is considered a big achievement. To celebrate that achievement, a good nameplate that highlights your name is something you can gift to yourself and your partner. 

These days, nameplates are not those old nameplates that show your name and your degrees. They are stylish, striking, well-constructed, and which speak about your personality.

Sanjay Arora, a designer at the Ok Art Studio in Delhi, said, “Nameplates like laser-cut golden and letter engraved on brass and steel plates are old-school but are still preferred by people. Both of them are purchased for office and home décor.” 

Here's a list of some nameplates you can style your home's entrance with:

Acrylic nameplate

Credit:love abode

Acrylic consists of properties similar to glass but are a little more fragile. Acrylic sheets are hard, water-resistant, hassle-free, and require low maintenance. The only thing it requires is regular cleaning as dust sticks easily to it. 

Brass nameplate

Credit: artisticks

Brass is the classic material used to make plates because letters of different styles and fonts can be crafted easily on them. Brass, when used in nameplates, shines brighter and enhances the overall décor of the house. 

Wooden nameplate

Credit: Mirraw

Wood is the most popular material when it comes to nameplates. Its texture and colour have the potential to magnify the small place it occupies in front of the house. Wood provides an opportunity to engrave letters inside it, enhancing the name's aesthetics.  

LED nameplate

Credit: Zoci Voci

A LED nameplate looks stunning at night and can be cleaned with wet wipes. The only limitation is that it requires an electric backup. No light means no LED nameplate. It is a tad-bit on the expensive side in the maintenance department.   

Stainless steel plate


Stainless steel nameplates are waterproof & simple but have a modern look to the house décor. Generally, such nameplates are used for offices but are now making for good home décor pieces as well. Though stainless steel is a little expensive but due to its strength, it is worth buying. 

Arora said, “Price of nameplates varies between Rs 5 to Rs 10 per square inch.” However, a local nameplate vendor in Connaught Place explained the following trends with their prices:

  •     PVC sheet - Rs 15 per inch of the plate
  •     Steel etching - Rs 8 per inch of the plate
  •     Brass letter nameplate - the price depends on the style and alphabet used 

So hit the market and get the best of the best!