Jumpsuit: A dress that liberates
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Jumpsuit: A dress that liberates

Jumpsuit is an all-in-one garment that went from utilitarian necessity to glamorous fashion staple

Jumpsuit: A dress that liberates

It's not the fashion sense that matters but the style that lies within you. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman,” said Coco Chanel, a French fashion designer and founder of Chanel, a French fashion luxury house.

One of many fashion staples that require little craft of styling is jumpsuits. They are easy to wear and comfortable but carrying them around flawlessly can be a little tricky task. This happens because jumpsuits come in a wide range and hence picking the best one according to your body type is considered to be a game changer. Secondly, simply wearing a jumpsuit is an offbeat fashion. So here, your fashion styling techniques are tested.

But no need to worry because we have some quick, simple, and uber-cool hacks on what blends well with a jumpsuit. Surely these looks will make people go gaga over you and will get you compliments.

Jumpsuit and t-shirt

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Wear a white or black bodycon t-shirt with a cut-sleeved jumpsuit and pair it with boots instead of shoes. Wear a chunky necklace, otherwise, this look will be incomplete. Such jumpsuits should be plain and of bold colours like maroon, magenta, dark green, dark blue, teal, etc. The bottom of the jumpsuit should be flare to complement it with boots.

Add scarf on the neck

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If you are a person who does not like to carry any neckpiece while wearing a jumpsuit, a scarf is your accessory. Style your jumpsuit by rounding the scarf around the neck region or simply a scarf knot can do the trick. Completely go funky using a scarf that has a different colour from the jumpsuit or have a floral print on the scarf and jumpsuit both.

Ethnic jumpsuit

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Ethnic jumpsuits come under the category of traditional Indian wear. Though they are already embellished with glitter and beadwork, still these sartorial prices can be styled. Wear golden or silver earrings like hoops, drops, teardrops, or dangles with them. Avoid taking a dupatta or pairing a necklace with it as these make the look too glittery.

Magic of oxidised jewellery

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Add oxidised jewellery with solid coloured jumpsuits having pattern work of crochet and net. Especially when such jumpsuits are off-shoulder, backless, or have a halter neck, choose silver oxidised jewellery that has stonework. Oxidised jewellery can help in bringing a boho-chic vibe to your overall look.

Lace and sheer

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Lace shirts or sheer tops are stand-alone fashion staples and make any other outfit look more graceful. Teaming them with jumpsuits gives you a break from relatively old denim-jumpsuit or coat-jumpsuit dress-ups. These shirts and tops should be loose to give an appropriate silhouette when you are carrying them with a jumpsuit.

Add these essentials in your closet to get new fashion looks ready for any occasion.